Installing the Tutorial Builder

Instructions for CCD Marketplace

1. Permission Granted

  • Authors are granted permission and given a code to access the CCD Marketplace (also called the Creative Cloud)
  • To redeem the code, please do the following:
    • Go to
    • Try to sign in using the Adobe account. 
      • If that doesn’t work, Authors create an individual account using that Adobe e-mail address and their name. Make sure the Country/Region is set to “United States.”
    • Copy and paste the code into the boxes when prompted. 
      • Note: Authors should be able to copy the whole thing and paste it into the first box.
    • Skip over any prompts that ask for for credit card info
    • This process grants access to Creative Cloud, All Apps for a specified amount of time

2. Install Adobe product

  • Open Creative Cloud
  • Go to CCD > Apps tab
  • In the Search field enter the program you need to install and click Enter
  • Click the three-dot menu
  • Click Other versions
  • Click Install on the version your community manger instructed you to install

2. Uninstall previously installed versions

  • Authors may have to uninstall previous version of the Tutorial Builder (TB) 
    • Go to CCD > Marketplace > All plugins
    • In the Search field enter Interactive Tutorial Builder and click Enter
    • Search results will return the Interactive Tutorial Builder plugin
    • Click the three-dot menu
    • Select Uninstall
    • Uninstall ‘Interactive Tutorial Builder’ plugin modal window pop up
    • Click Uninstall to uninstall the plugin

3. Install Tutorial Builder

  • Install the Tutorial Builder for Photoshop or Illustrator according to instructions provided by your Community Manager

4. Open the Tutorial Builder

  • Launch Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Log into the program using your Adobe Tutorial Builder Author ID. 
  • In Photoshop, go to:
    •  Plugins > Interactive Tutorial Builder >  Interactive Tutorial Builder
  • In Illustrator, go to: 
    • Window > Extensions > Interactive Tutorial Builder Ai


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