Tutorial Builder program overview

1. Community Manager

  • Determines/hires and onboards authors and curators for each tutorial
  • Works with authors to finalize/approve topics
  • Works with authors on tool issues

2. Author

  • Works with community manager to create tutorials for end users
  • Works with Designer to create concepts and asset files for tutorials
  • Edits and updates tutorials based on feedback from Curator

3. Designer

  • Reviews and approves concepts and asset files, working with author

4. Curator

  • Reviews In-app tutorials and provides review and QE comments back to the author 
    • Checks for basic usability and coach mark positioning
    • Reviews the structure of the tutorial, how it is broken into sections
    • Copyediting
  • Approves tutorials to QE

5. QE

  • Tests tutorials
  • Reports issues to curator
  • Provides QE approval
  • Handoff tutorials for DP testing/pushes Live through Sophia

6. Production

  • Populates monthly handoff wiki and drives monthly handoff process
  • Handoff tutorials/loc playlists


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