Issue: Adobe AIR could not be installed. No Authentication tools were found on the system.

 The error message is seen only on Linux.

You are seeing this because Adobe AIR was unable to detect any supported authentication tools on the system. Adobe AIR requires root privileges and may elevate a normal user to root for installation of Adobe AIR and Adobe AIR applications. Adobe AIR supports multiple authorization tools to switch a normal user to root.

The authorization tools supported by Adobe AIR are:

  1. gksu
  2. gnomesu
  3. xterm/su
  4. kdesu
  5. PackageKit

Depending upon the distribution and desktop environment, Adobe AIR chooses the most appropriate authorization tool(s). The easiest way to solve the problem is to install xterm. xterm/su are generally available in the default installation on most of the distributions. They can also be installed from the distribution's repository.

Solution: Install xterm on some popular distributions

Install xterm on Fedora core distribution. As root run the following command:

$ yum install xterm

Install xterm on OpenSUSE distribution. As root run the following command:

$ zypper install xterm

Install xterm on Debian based distribution. As root run the following command:

$ apt-get install xterm

Please refer to the distribution wiki for installation of tools: gksu, gnomesu, kdesu and PackageKit.



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