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Adobe Connect 9.5.4 is a maintenance release and is available as a patch. It delivers fixes to a number of issues and includes a few improvements.

Release Date

Adobe Connect 9.5.4 will be rolled out in phases:

  • On-premise: Adobe Connect 9.5.4 installer for customer on-premise deployments (all supported locales): Aug 1st, 2016
  • Hosted: Adobe Connect 9.5.4 service hosted by Adobe: Starting July 24th, 2016
  • Managed Services: Adobe managed customer specific cloud deployment of Adobe Connect: Update scheduled based on customer requirement. Please reach out to your Adobe Connect managed services representative to schedule your update

System Requirements

For latest system requirements please visit the Adobe Connnect Tech Specs Page.

Adobe Connect server upgrade paths for on-premise deployments

The following are the prerequisites before you can upgrade to this release:

  • From Adobe Connect 8.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 9.5.x before applying this patch.
  • From Adobe Connect 9.x, update to Adobe Connect 9.5.x before applying this patch

What's new in Adobe Connect 9.5.4

Allowing Presenter Only Area (POA) in breakout rooms

Till now, the much used POA is closed automatically once the host starts Breakout rooms in a session.

With Adobe Connect 9.5.4, we changed the way Participants are given rights to certain capabilities. Instead of being promoted to be a full Presenter, Participants are instead given all the same capabilities (cameras, microphones, screen and content sharing, etc.) without being promoted. This allows us to keep the Presenter Only Area open without worry that participants will see it, even during breakouts! Now hosts and presenters can manage their attendees, moving participants between breakouts without stopping the session, take notes, and prepare content and polls, all from the Presenter Only Area – and all during the breakout sessions.


If we move users between the BORs while the breakout session is in progress, then the users retain the enhanced rights when BORs session is closed. This is a known issue.

Workaround : Move all your participants around in different BORs, if needed, before starting the breakout session or after stopping the session. Permanent fix for this issue will come in the next update

Issues Resolved

Issue Tracking Number

Issue Description


Fixed issue where Add-in fails to read .pac files


Fixed issue where webcam feed was freezing and low frame rate was observed when shared through Add-in on MAC


Fixed issue where downloaded CSV reports showed maximum 20k records only


Fixed issue where Add-in crashes on MAC when using the ‘force add-in’ setting under compliance and control


Fixed issue where radio button in event creation workflow stayed marked even though user chose another option for "on demand" content


Fixed issue where WIN standalone Add-in installer showed an unknown publisher on UAC dialog


Fixed issue where response field was mandatory in API call while creating multiple choice registration question for events


Fixed issue where users could not remove Multiple option registration question from an Event


Fixed issue where screen share pallette was shown cropped on Windows machine with HDPI screens


Fixed issue where playbar was displayed for participants if user turned on Sync on shared powerpoint files


Fixed issue where name field for the Event on Duplicate Event page was 60 char max length


Fixed issue where inconsistency with ARIA and fieldset/labels markup for form fields was found


Fixed issue where timezone image didn’t have proper markup or description


Fixed issue where long load time for recordings was seen with huge Chat log


Fixed issue where Permission Update API response on providing empty permission-id gave internal-error (Array Out of Bounds Exception)


Completed documentation for Create an event using API to add parameters table


Fixed issue where users received an error-"Email id {email-address} is already registered with us" when trying to register for an event for the first time


Fixed issue where API 'asset-interactions-order-update' execution threw java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException


Fixed issue where initiating a breakout room (BOR) disabled the Presenter Only Area (POA)


Fixed issue where users were unable to save changes in Event which had a seminar associated with it


Fixed issue where wrong error message was give when recording name size was exceeded


Fixed issue where users were unable to properly edit recording name, if meeting name was over 60 characters


Fixed issue where session info was wrong if quota changes were made


Fixed issue where strange font and window sizing was seen on Windows 10


Fixed issue where installing CQ fails for 9.5.2 licensed setup install


Fixed issue where screen sharing stopped broadcasting after few minutes on windows 8 machines


Fixed issue to increase validation of the content of Files being uploaded


Fixed issue where on activating breakout rooms the participants were being promoted to Presenters with equivalent rights


Fixed issue to add a cautionary prompt after selecting 'Delete All Questions' in Q&A Pod.

Known Issues

Issue Tracking Number

Issue Description


If users are moved between the BORs while the breakout session is in progress, then the users retain the new enhanced rights when BORs session is closed


Meeting Layout breaks if we start/stop breakout's quickly and many time in succession


Whiteboard text, selected with the text selector, does not resize when borders of selected text is resized


New content page in edit mode opens when browser's "Back" button is pressed after uploading new content


New flash player ( opens two connect add-in windows after lightning install

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