Adobe Connect 10.6.1 Release Notes

Read this document for details around the Adobe Connect 10.6.1 release, including release dates, upgrades, updates, improvements, and known issues.


Adobe Connect enables you to create state-of-the-art digital training, webinar, and collaboration experiences. For an overview of Adobe Connect, see

The Adobe Connect 10.6.1 release incorporates various improvements and resolves several bugs.

Release dates

Adobe Connect 10.6.1 rolls out in the following phases:

Hosted services:

Starts on Feb 09, 2020. See Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates to know the migration schedule for your account.

On-premise deployments:

Will be available from Feb 17, 2020.

Managed services:

Contact your Adobe Connect Managed Services (ACMS) representative to schedule an update.

System requirements

Adobe Connect application

This update includes a new version of the Adobe Connect application for Mac and Windows. This is a non-mandatory version and older versions of the Adobe Connect application will continue to work with the Adobe Connect 10.6.1 release. 

Users are prompted to install the new Adobe Connect application in the following scenarios:

  • User share your screen or PowerPoint (PPTX format) files and do not have the Adobe Connect application installed.

If you are an administrator, ensure that end users have the latest Adobe Connect application and Adobe Flash Player (version 13.0 or later) installed. Download the Adobe Connect application from this page, or directly from the following URLs:

Upgrade paths for on-premise deployments

Here are the prerequisites for this release:

  • From Adobe Connect 8.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 9 then upgrade to Adobe Connect 10.6 before applying this patch
  • From Adobe Connect 9.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 10.6 before applying this patch
  • From Adobe Connect 10.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 10.6 before applying this patch

Issues resolved

Issue tracking number

Issue description

4110377 Fixed an issue in HTML client where Presentation Playbar controls do not work when JAWS screen reader is enabled
4110888 Fixed an issue in HTML client where background image of PowerPoint slide is shown as mirror image in HTML client
4111780 Fixed an issue in HTML client where the Presentation Playbar control buttons were pixelated or stretching beyond the Playbar
4111832 Fixed an issue in HTML client where for certain PowerPoint content is crossing Pod boundary
4112500 Fixed an issue in HTML client where the audio and view were out of sync on iPAD devices
4112504 Fixed an issue where polls data is missing in Event reports but present in Seminar reports
4112671 Fixed an issue where the images were inconsistent in PowerPoint content in html client as well as flash client in comparison to the original PowerPoint file
4112780 Fixed an issue in HTML client where text block background color is missing in shared PowerPoint presentation
4112783 Fixed an issue in HTML client where in certain PowerPoint presentations the text was partially cut off
4113272 Fixed an issue in HTML client were the map images in shared PowerPoint presentation is inconsistent with the original image in the PowerPoint
4113488 Fixed an intermittent issue in HTML client where certain ppt/pptx files fails to load in Edge and Chrome
4114714 Fixed an issue where Customize HTML Meeting option under customization is not available for accounts where seminars is disabled
4114810 Fixed an issue where for certain accounts Adobe Connect desktop application showed only white-screen when launched from browser for 10.5 version
4114945 Fixed an issue where a certain pptx file is failing to upload to Adobe Connect meeting client
4115093 Fixed an issue where meeting room background image is not shown in HTML Recording player
4115354 Fixed an issue where words are missing in the flash client when PowerPoint presentation is uploaded in Adobe Connect flash meeting client
4115463 Added a new HTML client setting in Adobe Connect administration pages to let adminstrator disable HTML Recordings player for the entire account
4115480 Fixed an issue where PowerPoint presentations animations are not appearing correctly for numbered bullets
4115536 Fixed an issue where Time out is not shown in recording reports for users who have only view permission on the recording content
4115687, 4115689 Fixed an issue where PowerPoint slide index is not being displayed correctly for certain PowerPoints
4115690 Fixed an issue where when uploading certain ppt file in the meeting resulted in conversion failure
4115692 Fixed an issue in HTML Recording player where content in Web link pod and Whiteboard are not updated on seek
4115775 Fixed an issue where clicking on event dashboard is throwing error "Request not processed"
4115779 Fixed an issue where the Event invitation emails are not sent if a user is deleted from the event invitee list
4115798 Fixed an issue where the Compliance setting for disabling Private Chat is not working
4116090 Fixed an issue where for on-premise customers mp3 and mp4 not getting played in HTML recording player on servers migrated from older 9.X Connect version
4116125 Fixed an issue where Recording playback is stuck on connecting screen on HTML client incompatible browsers
4116362 Fixed an issue where PowerPoint presentation in Recording is not visible while opening in HTML Client
4116416 Fixed an issue where after the iOS update for iPad 13.1.2 the meeting room does not open in Adobe Connect mobile app
4116420 Fixed an issue where Telephony audio breaks in preview cluster for HTML client
4116423 Fixed an issue where audio and video is not in sync in HTML client
4116424 Fixed an issue where at times there a latency of 4-5 seconds in both video and audio in HTML client
4116427 Fixed an issue in HTML client where the host's cursor while sharing screen is not in sync with the shared audio and video for the participants
4116517 Fixed an issue where on Safari browsers at times video gets stuck in HTML client
4116701 Fixed an issue where in a room with phone dial-in and dial-option disabled, both Phone as well as Device Speaker/Microphone options are shown to participants joining the meeting audio in HTML client but on clicking any of these options nothing happens
4116728 Fixed and intermittent issue in HTML client where HTML Users are not able to enter into meeting/recording in EMEA cluster
4116812 Fixed an issue in HTML Recording player where ppt file is not loading when meeting access type is "Only registered users and accepted guests may enter the room" and recording is made public.
4116879 Fixed an issue where at times HTML client gets stuck/freezes when it have more than 1 hd video stream and 1 audio stream in meeting
4116885 Added an option for users to switch to Classic view option for HTML Recording player
4116915 Fixed an issue in HTML Recording player where image content is not shown when recording is made public.
4116937 Fixed an issue in HTML Client where there is a lag between Video and audio if the audio is published after video
4117044 Fixed an issue in HTML Recording player where in a recording with video the recording playbar hangs up when user seeks backward after playback is complete
4117112 Fixed an issue in Adobe Connect Central pages where Meetings page take a long time to load
4117117 Fixed an issue where the user is getting prompt to open the meeting in HTML while HTML client for participants option is disabled for the meeting room
4117547 Fixed an issue where the Captivate content in swf format published from Captivate 2019 is showing error in Adobe Connect meeting room
4118006 Fixed an issue where latency was faced while creating an event, particularly when selecting seminar room from “My Seminars”
4118052 Fixed an issue where Adobe Connect meeting rooms were not opening in moblie application on iPADs
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