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Navigate your account

Learn to find and change your account settings in the Adobe Stock portal.

Contributor Account page

Your public profile, name, display name, address, email preferences, member ID number, and tax information are all found on your Contributor Account page.

Your Contributor Account can be found from the menu bar

From the Contributor portal, find a link to your Account page in the menu at the top of the screen.

Edit any field by hovering over your information until you see the pencil icon. Click the pencil and make your changes.

In this section, you can also click the link to see your Public Profile. Copy your public profile URL to share your portfolio with potential customers.

Edit your profile information, or review your portfolio by selecting the Public Profile link


When creating your display name, keep in mind that many buyers will display a photo credit. For this reason, it is important you keep your display name appropriate for general public viewing.

You can also access your public portfolio page from within the Dashboard section of the contributor portal. 

Choose whether you want to receive moderation and/or consolidated sales notification emails

Under Email Preferences, you can choose whether you want to receive a daily summary email from us with your total earnings and/or moderation results from the day prior, or in neither of these cases.

To submit your tax form, click the button

Select Add tax information to be taken through a series of steps to help you assess what form to fill out. You can fill out the form in the portal and submit directly to Adobe Stock.


If you do not file your tax forms, we automatically withhold 30% of all earnings.


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