Illustrative Editorial Requirements

What is illustrative editorial?

At Adobe Stock, we consider Illustrative Editorial to be content intended to illustrate articles on current events and newsworthy topics focused on conceptual imagery using real brands and products to convey strong ideas. We want photos and illustrations of branded products that help tell a story. Images may include a sign on a building, a soda can, computers, automobiles, or just about any product you see in the world today. Illustrative Editorial content is made available to Adobe Stock customers for editorial use only.

Illustrative editorial is not to be confused with editorial content that documents an event or incident that is currently occuring or developing, or that has already occurred. We accept news and archival imagery from a limited number of selected contributors by invitation only. 

For Illustrative Editorial, we do not accept content that features any recognizable person, or images of restricted events such as conventions, sports games, etc. We also do not accept images that are tight crops of copyrighted or trademarked material, such as stamps, fine art, or other photographs or images which include content that may violate privacy rights. 



For digitally manipulated, conceptual content including composites, we ask that you limit the subject matter only to social media icons. Digital creation/manipulation of brand information outside this exception is prohibited.

Who can submit Illustrative Editorial?

Contributors with the rank of Bronze and above (100 downloads or more) have the option to submit Illustrative Editorial content. If you meet this criteria, you can see a checkbox in the Uploaded Files tab to indicate the content you will submit is Illustrative Editorial. Over time we will make access available to a wider group of contributors. 


"This is Illustrative Editorial content" visibly in portal is an indication you can submit.
"This is Illustrative Editorial content" visibly in portal is an indication you can submit.

Technical requirements for Illustrative Editorial content

  • We are accepting photos, illustrations and vector images (no video)
  • For file formats, minimum and maximum files sizes, please see the General Submission Guidelines for images and vectors
  • Illustrative Editorial content must be properly exposed and of highest technical quality
  • Post-processing and cropping is allowed provided the context and meaning of the content is not altered.

If you have a portfolio with Illustrative Editorial files online elsewhere at this time, you may submit a link to your portfolio for consideration via the contact us link found at the bottom of the Adobe Stock Contributor Portal. 

Steps to submit Illustrative Editorial content:

  1. Upload your content in the Adobe Stock Contributor Portal.

  2. In the Uploaded files tab select the checkbox "This is Illustrative Editorial content." You must check this box each time you upload Illustrative Editorial content.

  3. Add a title that accurately describes your image, including the date and location it was taken.

    "General view of the Funko Headquarters sign under dark clouds in Everett, Washington"
    "General view of the Funko Headquarters sign under dark clouds on February 2, 2019 in Everett, Washington"

  4. Add between 5 and 50 keywords that accurately describe what is in your image.


    Search results put extra weight on the first 10 keywords, so list the most important keywords first. We recommend you list the name of the brand(s) featured in your image first. Include the location where the image was captured as a keyword if it is relevant. 

    General view of Shell gas station in Everett, Washington
    Keywords: Shell, gas, station, price, sign, fuel, business, service, gasoline, business, car, travel, economy, oil, auto, automobile, advertisement, company, Everett, Washington

  5. Submit your images. It can take several business days for the review process.

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