Upload a model or property release

This page provides details on how to upload and attach model and property releases to your content.

Model and property release basics

If your image or video features an identifiable person, you need a Model Release. If it features intellectual or private property, you need a Property Release. Releases are legal forms, signed by the person in the image or the owner of the property, that permit you to use the content for commercial purposes.

Ask yourself “If I went to this place, met this person, or saw this work of art, would I recognize it/them from this image?” If your answer is “No,” then likely no release is required. However, if your answer is “Yes,” you will need a Model Release for the person, and you should investigate whether the pictured item is protected by an IP or other right.

For more, read Model release and protection and Property release requirements. Read more about protected content here.


Upload process overview

The Release section of the Contributor portal provides tools to create and store your release forms. You can also opt to add your releases in the New section, found under the Uploaded Files tab, where you upload and index your files. You can scan forms or use Adobe Sign to collect signatures digitally. Below are details on how to upload model and property releases.

Releases section

Releases tab found in the Uploaded files section of the Contributor portal

Under the Uploaded Files section, select the Releases tab.

Then click Create a Release.

Choose to use Adobe Sign or a scanned release

You are offered the option to create a new release via Adobe Sign or upload a scanned release.

Create a release with Adobe Sign

With Adobe Sign, all you need is the model or property owner’s email address. Filling out the form is easy and doesn’t require the installation of any software.

When you select Adobe Sign, a window opens where you can choose to create a model release or property release.

Choose tab for model or property release and fill in name and email of signee

Fill in the name and email address of your signee and, if you like, add information about the shoot and a message.

Preview your release to send

You are shown a preview that you can review and then edit or send.  

Signee receives form to sign

Once you hit send, your signee receives an email message from Adobe. This message includes a preview of the form, a link to the form, and instructions for signing the release. Once the signee has signed, the form is automatically sent back to your email inbox for your signature and to upload it with your image.

Upload a scanned release

Select the Releases tab, then choose Upload a scanned release. You are prompted to enter the name for the release in the text field. Be mindful of how you name the release if you want to find it again. Use the full name of the signee to make your search easier. Note: You must type at least five characters before the Attach Release button becomes available.

The Attach Release button allows you to browse for your release on your computer. Only JPEG files are supported. Once you selected your release file, click the Create Release button.

Attach JPEG release from your computer

If you don’t have a release form prepared, you can download the template and print to have it signed by all necessary parties. You would then scan or take a photo of it, and submit it as a JPEG file as above.

Upload a release while indexing files

You can also attach release forms while indexing files. To attach while indexing, go to the New section under Uploaded files and select your file. Select Yes in response to the question: “Does your file show recognizable people and/or property?”

Choose to search for existing release or create new release

Here, you can choose to search for and attach an existing release or you can select Create a New Release. Then you can choose to upload a paper release or Create a release with Adobe Sign. From here, the process is the same as above. Once uploaded, these releases are attached to your files and available under the Releases tab.

If you do not plan to use the same model release for future submissions you can "hide" the release to prevent it from appearing in the list of available releases when you are submitting new content. This can help with organization for contributors with many releases uploaded to their account. Even when hidden, the release remains attached to online content featuring the model. It is only hidden from being added to additional assets. You can Hide Inactive Releases in the Releases tab. You can make the hidden release visible again at any time by simply unchecking the box.  

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