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Why contribute to Adobe Stock?

This page describes how you can benefit from contributing your photography, video, vector art, and illustrations to Adobe Stock.

Discover the key benefits of contributing your work to Adobe Stock:

Go where your work matters.

Join Adobe as a leading, trusted creative brand that values artists and their work. We have a long track record of partnering with artists like you, listening to your concerns, and building products and services that fit your needs.   

Get unparalleled reach. 

Adobe Stock licenses photography, video, illustrations, templates, and vector graphics to millions of stock content buyers directly through the Adobe Creative Cloud apps that are part of their everyday creative work. Buyers can also license Adobe Stock through the Adobe Stock website and business-focused apps like Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. That means customers all over the world can discover your content using AI-powered search features, quickly preview it in the context of their designs or videos, and then license it on the spot.  

Whether you make vector art of animals, shoot photographs of tasty meals, or film aerial scenes via drone, Adobe Stock can help you reach millions of buyers, get exposure for your portfolio, and get rewarded every time someone downloads your work.  

Earn great royalties.

In addition to promoting your work to creative professionals and media makers worldwide, Adobe Stock offers competitive royalties and a bonus program. And when you become a contributor, you can work on your own terms, uploading content when you choose. Once your content is approved for our collection, you can earn passive income in the form of royalties for years to come.    

Stay ahead of the market. 

As a Contributor, you’ll get access to market research and strategic insights from Adobe’s thought leaders to help plan your projects, elevate your work, and guide your success. 

Own your assets.

No need to worry about signing your rights away. When you work with Adobe Stock, you enter a partnership that allows us to promote and license your content while you maintain ownership. And our non-exclusive agreement gives you total flexibility. 

Take advantage of superior tools. 

Adobe’s machine learning intelligence and Creative Cloud apps make it easy to upload, keyword, and sell your images with the industry’s fastest workflow. As an Adobe Stock artist, you’ll also have free access to Adobe Portfolio so you can create a beautiful custom website. 

Join a supportive community.

Become part of an amazing community of creative content providers. Adobe Stock is constantly evolving based on input from our contributors, and we host livestreams and other educational events to help make contributors more successful. Join the Discord community for Adobe Stock Artists and the Adobe Stock forum, or check out upcoming and on-demand events.

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