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Effective as of August 11, 2021

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Journey Orchestration

Per Pack or Per 1,000 Profiles

What is Journey Orchestration?

Journey Orchestration enables Customer to create and orchestrate cross-channel experience journeys that can be automatically triggered based on Customer’s pre-specified events.

Customer’s use of Journey Orchestration is subject to the following:


  • Addressable Audience.  Customer may store and process up to the number of Profiles authorized in the Sales Order.

Performance Guardrails. 

The following Performance Guardrails apply to Customer’s Journey Orchestration production purposes, without Add-ons:

  • Journey Events.  Journey Orchestration supports up to 5,000 Journey Events per second with standard configuration.  The performance limitations of Customer’s activation end points and data sources, including but not limited to Real-time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Experience Platform Activation, Adobe solutions, or other third-party services, may limit throughput which may require Customer to license additional capacity.

Static Limits.  

  • Prerequisites.  Customer must license Real-time Customer Data Platform or Adobe Experience Platform Activation as a prerequisite to licensing Journey Orchestration.
  • Profiles. Customer’s licensed quantity of Profiles with Journey Orchestration must mirror Customer’s licensed quantity of Profiles with Real-time Customer Data Platform or Adobe Experience Platform Activation (as applicable).


Adobe Experience Platform means an open and extensible collection of services that allows Customer to create and manage actionable Profiles using various sources across its enterprise and to analyze data to derive insights and drive personalized experiences.

Directly Identifiable Information means information that can be used to directly identify an individual person, including Stable Identifiers.

Directly Identifiable Profile means a merged Profile that includes Directly Identifiable Information.

Entitlements means usage limits that are strictly monitored and enforced by Adobe.  Should Customer exceed an Entitlement, Customer may be obligated to pay overusage fees or license additional capacity.

Identity Graph means observed relationships between 1 or more identities, which are determined to refer to the same individual.

Journey Events means an API call to be used to start, progress, or end journeys (including, but not limited to, API calls between Journey Orchestration and Real-time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Experience Platform Activation, Adobe solutions or third-party services).

Performance Guardrail means usage limits that relate to the scoping of Customer’s proposed use cases.  Should Customer exceed a Performance Guardrail, Customer may experience performance degradation; Adobe will not be responsible for such performance degradation.  Customers who consistently exceed a Performance Guardrail may elect to license additional capacity to avoid performance degradation.

Profile means a record of information representing an individual (including Directly Identifiable Profiles and Pseudonymous Profiles) as represented in the Profile Service.  Data included in a Profile may include data related to the individual's attributes, behavior, and segment membership. Profile volumes are determined based on the default deterministic Identity Graph included with Adobe Experience Platform and are a Shared Feature.

Pseudonymous Profile means a merged Profile that includes no Directly Identifiable Information.

Scoring Run means the processing of Profiles through an Instance. 

Shared Feature means a feature or functionality and its associated limitations that are shared (i.e., not additive) across all applicable Adobe Experience Platform-based Products and Services licensed by Customer. If any of Customer’s other applicable Adobe Experience Platform-based Product and Services provide a higher limitation (either because the base-level limitation is higher or because Customer has licensed an available add-on), the highest limit will apply to all of Customer’s applicable Adobe Experience Platform-based Products and Services.

Stable Identifier means any identifier other than a cookie ID or device ID.

Static Limit means a usage limit that relates to the technical boundaries of Real-time Customer Data Platform.  Customer may not modify Static Limits.

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