Important: This document helps you fix Photoshop Elements installation issues with specific exit codes 6 or 7. If you are unsure of the exit/error code generated when installation failed, first see Fixing Photoshop Elements Installation errors.

Error code

If you do not have an error code, check No error code below.

No error code


Error DW046 is caused when a conflicting process interrupts the installation process.

  1. Use the error text to identify which process interfered with the installation process.
  2. Terminate the cause of the error.
  3. Restart the installation process.


Error DW023 is caused when the installation files are corrupt. Download the installation files again and retry installing the software.



Others (error text available)

If your exit/error code is not listed here:

If the troubleshooting information does not fix the problem and you cannot install Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements, contact us.