How to improve the file size of Adobe Captivate Classic output

Adobe Captivate Classic was built with low bandwidth in mind. A typical project with sound (some narration) and a modest screen size of 512 x 384 streams at approximately 2–3 kilobytes per second. Your viewers can play this project using a 56 Kbps (or slower) dial-up modem without waiting more than a few seconds for the project to start. Additionally, there are no pauses during playback.

A project that streams well might have the following characteristics:

  • File size: 777 KB

  • Length: 6 minutes, 12 seconds

  • Audio: 286 KB

  • Video: 491 KB

  • Screen size: 608 x 460


File size depends on several factors. Larger files contain elements such as photos, images, sound tracks, large screen sizes, rapid screen transitions, and higher quality video and audio settings.

There are a number of ways to improve the file size of Adobe Captivate Classic output:

  • One important factor is the kilobytes per second ratio. Check the bandwidth analysis to find this factor. Don't despair if your project is large; it is possible for a large project to stream well over the Internet. For example, a 400 KB file might seem large, but if it plays for 5 minutes, it streams easily over a 28.8 Kbps modem. The first slide in a project always has a longer kilobytes per second ratio, because it is the first slide to load and additional project information must load with it.

  • Consider your color settings and the images included in your project. Two quick tips for reducing file size are to avoid color gradients and to avoid photo images.

  • If you are not going to upload your SWF files to Adobe® Connect™ Enterprise, you can turn off the Include Adobe Connect Metadata option in the project preferences. This option is on by default, and it adds data to your project that allows for better integration with Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional. If you do not use Acrobat Connect Professional, turn this option off to reduce project size.


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