Bugs fixed in ColdFusion 10 Update 22
Bug ID Title Product area
4162949 ColdFUison 10 car should include OpenOffice settings when migrating to a later version. Administrator
4115249 Metrics Frequency reverts to 60 after ColdFusion restart. Administrator
3967336 Incorrect path causes errors when /CFIDE/scripts/ path is changed in ColdFusion Administrator. AJAX
3037144 Empty input in CFINPUT causes CFLAYAOUTAREA to duplicate itself. AJAX
3946143 Cache already exists error. Caching
3369530 Frequent key collisions on cached queries resulting in wrong (cached) result-set returned. Caching
3780066 Specifying the server="" attribute within cfobject crashes and restarts the ColdFusion server x64 (server="remote" is not working with 64-bit ColdFusion). COM/DCOM
4152515 cfspreadsheet throws Array Index Out Of Bounds Exception if quoted CSV value does not contain comma. Document Management
4134089 Messaging works unexpectedly after applying Update 17. Flex/Flash
4155785 Application metadata is not thread safe. General Server
4036452 URLDecode() removes certain alphanumeric characters. General Server
3818732 setDomainCookies="true" does not set domain cookies in websites like... http://example.com. General Server
4097008 CGI.HTTP_URL returns [empty string] on IIS when default doc omitted Installation/Config
3758070 CGI.HTTP_URL Missing when using IIS. Installation/Config
4129246 ParseDateTime() ignores DST and converts time to standard time. Language
4119653 Setting non-scoped variable in a udf in CF2016 behaves differently from CF11 Language
4031746 In ColdFusion 10, ARGUMENTS scope takes the precedence over the LOCAL scope. Language
3954490 Defining an implicit array in combination with the ternary operator in a <cfloop array> results in a crash or missing output (depending on the condition result of the operator). Language
3165627 Unable to delete log files from Admin only in case of J2EE server. Logging
4172645 Using hyphens in cfftp connection name causes unexpected results. Net Protocols
4152543 cfhttp throws "Incorrect number of columns in row" if quoted CSV value contains newline. Net Protocols
4016861 Embedded Email Attachments Forwarded from Apple Mail iOS Clients Not Received by CFPOP Net Protocols
3988461 CFHTTP strips out certain file properties on .docx files. Net Protocols
4173670 deserializeJSON() invokes java.lang.System.getProperty(), which is slow with sandbox security enabled. Performance
4171125 Session and Application scopes are unavailable in REST service endpoint that returns void. REST Services
4159611 Null Pointer Exception when accessing certain REST URLs. REST Services
3850183 When performing a "clear template Cache" Operation in the Administrator or via Admin-API the REST Service responds to further requests with a 500 internal server error until you press the refresh-button on the rest-service. REST Services
4130274 FileGetMimeType()'s strict does not agree with fileupload()'s strict. Security
4158660 Incorrect deserialization of WDDX'd bit column. Serialization
4136028 serializeJSON() does not escape control characters. Serialization
3785874 CategoryTree do not work in ColdFusion 10. Text Search
3919057 XML Webservices do not work in ColdFusion 10. Web Services
4154216 Websocket frame size error in Google Chrome and IE Web Socket