Find issues fixed in the latest release of After Effects - 16.0
  • CSV and TSV files no longer produce a parsing error if it contains double quotes ("), slash(/), or escape characters (\r, \n, \t, \f, \b).
  • When editing text in the Essential Graphics panel, for example - changing a control name or editing a comment), pressing Shift + Delete no longer deletes the control you are modifying.
  • Motion Graphics templates created in After Effects that use right-to-left text render the text in right-to-left order in Premiere Pro, instead of left-to-right.
  • The Levels effect no longer renders incorrectly in 8- and 16-bpc mode if the project is set to Mercury Software Only.
  • Double-clicking on a data file in the Project panel no longer causes the Import File dialog to open.
  • Command line rendering once again limits memory usage based on the -mem_usage flag.
  • After Effects no longer prevents you from adding a Premiere Pro sequence (via Dynamic Link) to a composition if that sequence contains a Character Animator scene.
  • After Effects no longer crashes if you import a Photoshop PSB document of dimensions of 30,000 pixels or greater, instead it will fail the import with an error, "Photoshop file exceeds image bounds limits."
  • Choosing File > Scripts > Open Script Editor now gives an accurate message about how to install ExtendScript Toolkit if it is not installed.
  • Error messages caused by a render failure now occur when expected instead of sometimes failing to display.


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