Work with versions of a document

Use the document to learn how to work with versions of a document


Adobe ended the Adobe Story CC service on January 22, 2019. Both Adobe Story CC and the Adobe Story CC (Classic) are discontinued. The Adobe Story CC offline application has also ended. See End of service FAQ for more information.

View previous versions of a document

Information about various versions of the script is displayed in the History panel. Information includes version number, author, and the time stamp. The content that you entered in the Description section when versioning a document is displayed when you move your mouse over the Comment icon.

  1. Select View > History. The History panel containing various versions of the document is displayed.

  2. Double-click the version that you want to view. The version is displayed in Adobe Story.

    The History panel

    A. Version Info B. Scroll arrow C. Comments D. Search option 


You can only view contents from previous versions. You cannot edit the content, or save file as a new version.

Overwrite current version with a previous version

When you overwrite a current version of a document with a previous version, the previous version of the document is treated as the latest version. Content in the current version is overwritten by content in the previous version. However, Story automatically saves a version of the current version before replacing it with the previous version.

  1. Select View > History to open the History panel.

  2. Double-click the version that you want to overwrite the current version with.

  3. Click Make Latest.

Compare document versions

Compare current version with previous version

  1. Select View > History to open the History panel.

  2. In the version that you want to compare, click the Compare With This Version icon.

    Move your mouse over the panel to view the compare icon

The version displayed on the right is the current version, and the version to the left is the older version of the document. The cursor position in the current document is unaltered when you switch to the compare view.

Close one of the versions to return to the normal view.


In the compare view, authors and co-authors can copy content from the previous version to the current version.

Compare two previous versions

Open the History panel, and perform the following steps.

  1. Double-click the version that you want to compare.

  2. In the version that you want to compare the open document with, click the Compare With This Version icon.

Close one of the versions to return to the normal view.


You cannot copy content across two older versions of a document.

Identify changes using the Outline panel

In the compare view, the Outline panel displays a combined list of scenes available in the versions being compared.

You can identify changes to scenes using the Outline view. A star icon indicates a scene with modified content. A red scene heading in the outline panel indicates a deleted scene and a green scene heading indicates a new scene.

When you double-click a scene in the Outline, the focus shifts to the corresponding scene in both the versions being displayed in the editor. If you double-click a deleted or added scene, the scene is displayed in the version containing the scene.


In the Outline panel of the compare view, you cannot move scenes or view their contents.

Enable/disable scroll lock in the compare view

When the scroll lock is enabled (on) Adobe Story scrolls both the documents. Disable the scroll lock if you want to scroll through just one of the versions.

View summary of changes between versions

To view a summary of changes between the current version and a previous version, move your mouse over the previous version in the History panel. A panel appears containing the summary of changes to scenes and content between the two versions.

note: If the previous version is not synced in the offline mode, the summary of changes is unavailable in the offline mode.

Comparing a version with the current version of the document.

A. Panel containing summary of changes B. Scroll option C. Search field 

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