All the fonts that you are using are listed under My Adobe Fonts. From here, you can manage your active font selections, edit your web font projects, browse fonts you’ve marked as a favorite, and find any fonts you've purchased & added to your account.

My Active Fonts

My Active Fonts are fonts you’ve activated through the Creative Cloud desktop application and can use in your desktop software programs.

All of the fonts which are active on your desktop computer.

Click the active fonts button to remove a font family from your selections.

To change the weights and styles you have activated, click on the font card and then select individual font weights or styles to remove.

My Web Projects

All of your web projects are listed in the My Web Projects section. Click the Edit Project link to change the font selections for that project, update the language support, or delete it entirely.

A list of your web projects

My Purchased

Fonts you’ve purchased from Marketplace or from one of our foundry partners are listed in the Purchased fonts tab.

A list of fonts you've purchased and added to your account.

My Favorites

Click the heart icon to add a font family to your Favorites, and it will be included in this list.

The fonts you've saved as favorites.

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