Working with Adobe Color panel

Adobe® Color® is a web-based application used to experiment with, create, and share color themes that you use in a project. Animate (formerly Flash Professional CC) is integrated with Color panel that enables you to view and use the color themes that you have created or marked as favorite in the Adobe Color application. For more information about Adobe Color, visit this link.

Color panel

In Animate, the Adobe Color panel (Windows > Extensions > Adobe Color themes) displays:

  • Themes you have created, and are synced with your account on the Adobe Color website (
  • Public themes that you have marked as a favorite themes on the Adobe Color website.

The Adobe ID used in Animate is automatically used to sign-in to the Adobe Color website, and the Color panel is refreshed.

 If the credentials you are using with Animate do not have an associated Color ID, then a Color ID is automatically created using the Animate credentials. You can then access the Adobe Color website using your Adobe ID credentials.

Using the Color panel

 For the Color panel to work, Internet connectivity is required when you launch Animate. Color Panel cannot be used, if you do not have Internet connectivity.

The swatches and color themes available in the Color panel are read-only. You can use a swatch or theme in your artwork, directly from the Color panel. However, to modify a swatch or color theme, first add them to the Swatches panel.

  1. Click Window > Extensions > Adobe Color themes to open the Color panel.

    All themes available in your Adobe Color account when Animate was launched are displayed in the Color Panel.

  2. If you have added a theme in Color after you started Animate, click Refresh in the Color panel to include the latest theme.

    A. Theme search by name B. Favorite theme icon C. Theme folder icon D. Refresh E. Launch Color website F. Theme name 

     The Color panel lists the themes that you have created, modified, or marked as favorite (listed under Adobe Color website > Mycolor)

  3. You can add an entire theme to your Swatches panel (Window > Swatches) by clicking the Theme Folder or Favorite Theme icon. The theme is added to the Color folder within Swatches panel.

  4. If you have an extensive list of themes, search the theme using the Find box. Searches are performed on the names of the themes.

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