Release notes | Adobe Presenter 7.0.7

What's new

  • Support for ActionScript 3
  • Bug fixes

Installing Adobe Presenter 7.0.7

See this article for installation instructions.

Issues fixed

  • Fixes related to Adobe Acrobat Connect and Presenter integration (available with Adobe Acrobat Connect 8.1 .2 and later).
  • Equation objects inserted in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation are not visible in the Presenter output files.
  • Hyperlinks in PowerPoint are not retained in the Presenter output files.
  • Multicolumn text and its alignment in PowerPoint are not reflected as-is in Presenter output files.
  • Text in a shape does not get published in Presenter output files if both text and the shape are rotated.
  • Wavy line, wavy heavy line, and wavy double line underline in PPTX files appear as single lines in the published output.
  • 'Small caps font' effect used in PPTX file is not honored in the published output.
  • Presenter does not launch on machines with Internet Explorer 9. When you try to launch Presenter, the error "Adobe Presenter failed to open because either it is not licensed or there is an error”  appears.
  • Presenter installation fails on 64-bit machines with 32-bit Microsoft Office 2010 installed on them. When you try to install Presenter, the error "Unable to detect Microsoft PowerPoint" appears.

Known issues





To upgrade Presenter in suite products (eLS 2.0, eLS 2.5, and Acrobat X) to 7.0.7, you need to uninstall the previous version and then install Presenter 7.0.7. During installation, the serial key of the suite products does not work directly in the Presenter 7.0.7 install wizard. 

For a detailed workaround, see this article.


Although you can insert AS2 SWF files in Presenter 7.0.7, you may not be able to play back the SWF file properly in the output file.

Use AS3 SWF files instead of AS2 SWF files.


When you publish a presentation as a SWF file through Presenter:

  • PowerPoint slide transitions do not appear in the published output.
  • Audio imported into a presentation using the PPT options may not work properly in the Presenter output. Workaround: Import audio using the options in the Presenter ribbon.
  • In a quiz, the changes made to the font size, style, and type (Manage Quiz > Appearance) are not reflected in the published output. Workaround: Select the option Apply Formatting To All Existing Quizzes while modifying the format.
  • Only the animation added last to the slide is played in the output file if you have added audio through Presenter to the slide. Further, if you edit the audio on the slide, none of the animations on the slide play in the output file. 
  • Animations get deleted and do not play in the output file if you remove the audio associated with them.
  • A SWF file imported as a sidebar video does not play in the output file if the file contains any of the following:
    • A transparent background.
    • The first frame as a blank frame with no objects on it.
  • When you replay a slide with an Adobe Captivate SWF file in the sidebar, the SWF file may not play back. Workaround: Refresh the browser window and try replaying the slide.



Edit Video > Mute Audio during Playback option in Presenter does not work.

In the published output file, mute audio using the presentation playbar.


PowerPoint crashes if you install Presenter in a custom folder containing double-byte characters or high ASCII characters in its path.

Ensure that the path name does not contain high ASCII or double-byte characters. Or, install Presenter in the default location.


When you publish a presentation as a PDF file, AS2 SWF files in the presentation do not play in the PDF.



Sometimes, when you insert a SWF file into a PowerPoint slide through Presenter, the audio in the SWF file starts playing as soon as it is inserted. 

Note: To stop the audio, close the PPT slide.

In the software that you used to create the SWF file (for example, Flash Professional), set the audio property to 'Stream'.


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