How to change the display order of objects in Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate lets you add multiple objects, such as captions, highlight boxes, animations, or images to slides. You specify the order in which objects appear. Use the Timeline to precisely adjust the timing of all objects on a slide.

  1. In an open project, navigate to the slide that contains the objects whose order you want to change.

  2. Change the order and timing of objects as required.

    For example, move the mouse over the left or right edge of an object on the Timeline until the resize cursor appears. Then drag the edge left or right to change when and for how long the object appears.

    If you have an object that currently appears at the same time the slide appears, but you want a slight delay, move the mouse over the center of the object on the Timeline until the hand appears; then drag the entire object so the left edge aligns with 2s (a 2-second delay) or 4s (a 4-second delay) in the header.

  3. If you have two overlapping objects on the slide, specify the object you want to appear frontmost by setting the stacking order. To change the stacking order, move objects to the back or front of the slide Stage. The key point to remember is that objects at the back of the Stage appear behind other objects. Use one of the following methods to set the stacking order:

    • Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) an object on the slide and select one of the object order options. If necessary, Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) other objects on the slide and adjust their order.

    • In the Timeline, move the pointer over an object until the hand appears. Then drag the object up or down to change its position in the stacking order. Moving an object higher in the stacking order moves it to the front of the Stage. Moving an object lower moves it to the back of the Stage.


    If the order for a slidelet is changed, the objects it contains are also moved back or forward along with the slidelet.

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