How to rotate objects in Adobe Captivate

You can apply a 2D rotation to objects on a slide. 2-D rotation is turning of an object by an angle about a fixed point, which in Adobe Captivate is the center of the object.

You can rotate all objects except the following:

  • Slidelet

  • Mouse

  • Answers for question slide objects

  • Zoom destination and Zoom source

  1. Click the object that you want to rotate. A rotation symbol appears at the top handle of the object.

  2. Click the symbol and move the mouse in the direction. While you move the mouse, Adobe Captivate displays a dotted-line preview of the position of the object on the stage.

  3. Release the mouse button when the object is positioned in the required angle.

Alternatively, select the object on stage, and specify the angle of rotation in the Property Inspector (Transform accordion > Angle).

When you rotate objects with text, the text is also rotated along with the object.

To reset the rotation angle to 0°, double-click the rotation symbol.


The rotation is not applied to animations and slide videos while they are played on stage. Adobe Captivate applies the rotation appropriately in the project preview and published output of the project.

Object rotation and object effects

You can rotate objects through object effects too. If you apply a rotation object effect to an already rotated object, it rotates further when the effect gets triggered.

For example, consider that you have rotated a rectangle by 45°. You then apply the rotation object effect to the rectangle, and specify the angle as 30°. You time the effect such that it gets triggered 2 seconds after the slide begins and lasts until the end of slide.

When the project is played, the rectangle is rotated by 45° for the first 2 seconds. For the rest of the slide, the rectangle is rotated by 75°.

Rotation of objects in a slidelet

The rotation of objects within a slidelet is limited by the boundaries of the slidelet. This means, if you rotate an object and a portion of it potentially protrudes out of the slidelet boundary, then the rotation does not take effect.

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