Fixed issues

This document lists the customer reported issues that were fixed in each release.

Fixed issue in the October 2023 release (version 24.0.2)

  • Third-party audio effects are not rendered when Adobe Media Encoder > Settings > General > Premiere Pro > Import sequences natively is enabled.

Fixed issues in the October 2023 release (version 24.0)

  • Estimated time remaining when encode is paused for a while.
  • Updated system requirements to support AVX2 on x86 AMD and Intel hardware for better performance.
  • Dropping Rosetta support on Mac to use more advanced CPU instructions for better performance.
  • The "Zoom Level" feature is activated when we add "+" and "-" signs to the Top, Bottom, etc. Crop dimensions in Export Settings.
  • Publishing to X (formerly Twitter) with new APIs.
  • Improved information about loading plug-ins. On the first launch, indexing all available plug-ins may take some time. This only happens once.

Fixed issues in the August 2023 release (version 23.6)

  • Crash on launch if access to folders on MacOS is denied. 
  • Browsing files in Media Browser writes XMP for text files.
  • Uploads to Vimeo could fail.
  • Adobe Media Encoder throws many errors for destructing a listener on a thread other than the main thread.
  • Several memory management-related crashers lead to throw errors.
  • Import of Premiere Project with offline media doesn’t get an offline warning.
  • The name of export effect “Name Overlay,” changed to “Text Overlay” to indicate that options other than filename are available.
  • Installing unrelated font canceling the current encoding.
  • The "YouTube Terms of Use" Button isn't available.
  • System Preset Icon for Stock Presets is missing.
  • Missing fonts warning when importing sequences natively with custom fonts.
  • MXF files from a few cameras like Panasonic VariCam LT could show half green frame on monitor and thumbnails.
  • The system could get into a state where CPU resources were low after decoding MXF OP1a AVC-Intra media.
  • Opening sequences in Media Encoder with "Import sequences natively" disabled resulted in clips with embedded captions displayed as Media Offline.
  • When opening a Premiere Pro sequence that uses audio effects or third-party plugins in Media Encoder, Caption options would not be displayed, and captions would always be burned in.

Fixed issues in the June 2023 release (version 23.5)

  • Caption export options don't appear in the EditExport Settings dialog for media files with embedded captions.

Fixed issues in the May 2023 release (version 23.4)

  • Multichannel exports in Adobe Media Encoder fail to render all channels of an audio effect.
  • A crash was encountered when using a ProRes 4444 MXF preset with the render at maximum depth setting enabled on Apple silicon systems.
  • ProRes MXF files would sometimes be missing the alpha channels when imported.
  • Some ProRes 4444 files would have poor playback performance if they did not contain alpha.
  • Some .mfx DNxHR HQX 12-bit files showed visible banding during playback.
  • Metadata Setting ignored when trying to export a file without XMP sidecar.

Fixed issues in the April 2023 release (version 23.3)

  • Adobe Media Encoder application programming interface can't get work area values from a Media Encoder render job.
  • Export failure on writing XMP into the exported file when visible in the MediaBrowser. 
  • Improve export performance of Premiere Pro sequence with After Effects media replacement graphics with high-resolution stills.
  • Media Encoder shows a modal dialog when quit via SDK after encoding completed. 
    • There is a new API and Event added to AME Scripting API:
      • EncoderHostScriptObject has new API: “getBatchEncoderStatus()”
      • EncoderHostScriptObject has a new event listener: “onBatchEncoderStatusChanged”

Fixed issues in the February 2023 release (version 23.2.1)

Fixed an issue where MXF files with non-English filenames failed to import, instead showing an error - "Failed to import. Unsupported format or damaged file."

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 23.2

Fixed an issue affecting H.264 and HEVC or H.265 exports on Windows with Adobe Media Encoder 23.1.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 23.1

  • Fixed an issue that could cause even numbered audio channels to not export correctly.
  • Fixed memory leak issues when importing multiple HEIC files.
  • Fixed an issue where smart rendering MXF files on Windows was slower than expected.
  • Fixed an issue where smart rendering XDCAM HD files could result in corrupt frames.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 23.0.1

This release fixes an issue where preferences migration for Adobe Media Encoder fails when upgrading to v23, affecting workspace layouts or custom presets.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 23.0

  • Export performance for a Premiere Pro sequence that includes Motion Graphics Templates is significantly slower in v22.5 than in v15.4.
  • Consistent green-bar corruption or black frames are seen in Hardware Accelerated Encoded ProRes 422 and ProRes 4444 output at specific Frame Aspect ratios on Apple Silicon Macs.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 22.6

  • Fixed an issue where if you try to create proxies from interpreted clips, Premiere Pro sends the clips to Adobe Media Encoder flagged with their original frame rate. The resulting proxy is out of sync with the interpreted footage.
  • The export sequence API call returns false when the provided sequence name can not be found in the project.
  • Audio missing from AVCHD spanned clips with AC3 audio (macOS only).

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 22.5

  • Fixed an issue where high Frame Rate transcoding does not go higher than 60fps.
  • Fixed some encoding and API SDK issues.

Fixed issue in Adobe Media Encoder version 22.3.1

Adobe Media Encoder 22.3.1 includes a fix for an issue related to audio that impacted playback or rendering. This issue affects some users of Premiere Pro 22.3 and Media Encoder 22.3.  

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 22.3

  • Video corruption occurs when transcoding certain RED files on Apple Silicon Macs.
  • Certain DNxHD files are imported as audio-only.
  • Error chime no longer heard when queue completes successfully.
  • Adobe Media Encoder no longer throws Exceeded quota errors when uploading to YouTube.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 22.1.1

  • Hang when using After Effects 22.0 compositions in Premiere Pro 22.0 or Media Encoder 22.0
  • In the Queue panel, source names of stitched clips are truncated when the Format column is resized narrower.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 22.0

The October release of Adobe Media Encoder (version 22.0) includes a fix for an issue where YouTube Privacy settings are now set to “Private” by default.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 15.4.1

The August release of Adobe Media Encoder (version 15.4.1) includes a fix for an issue where XMP metadata isn't written on Apple Silicon Macs when exporting AAC Audio.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 15.2

  • Color shift in Importing MXF files shot from Canon EOS C300 MARK II.
  • Fixed a bug where XDCAM HD sources were not properly smart rendering.
  • Color accuracy of GIF exports have been improved.
  • Canon XF-HEVC decode performance has been improved.
  • Fixed a bug where importing MXF media from the root of a drive would sometimes fail.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 15.0

  • Some YouTube accounts were blocked from sign in with error “browser or app may not be secure”. 
  • Avid DNX YUV exports showed color range shift when imported to Resolve/Media Composer.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 14.6

  • Failure to import some files on non-English version of Adobe Media Encoder on Windows.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 14.4

  • Hardware encoding is not available on macOS when encode height is greater than 2196 pixels.
  • Twitter 1080p preset now produces higher quality outputs with match source for frame rate and higher bitrate.
  • Cannot log in to Vimeo.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 14.3

  • Adobe Media Encoder may crash during batch import or export on a system with NVIDIA GPU without NVENC. 
  • When selecting the Output Name hot text in the Export Settings dialog, Adobe Media Encoder hangs.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 14.2

  • AS-11 export creates a file in full range instead of legal range.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 14.1

  • Unable to import some H.264 clips created with older versions of macOS Mojave screen recording.
  • Importing H.264 clips created with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) screen recording takes a long time.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 14.0.1

  • Adobe Media Encoder crashes when a sequence is exported with ProRes media and an embedded LUT from ARRI cameras.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 14.0

  • Improved performance for MXF OP1a Smart Rendering with Premiere Pro sequence.
  • Improved UI for some languages.
  • Open Captions fail to burn in when Premiere Pro sequences contain an After Effects composition.
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