This document lists the customer reported issues that were fixed in each release.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 15.0

  • Some YouTube accounts were blocked from sign in with error “browser or app may not be secure”. 
  • Avid DNX YUV exports showed color range shift when imported to Resolve/Media Composer.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 14.6

  • Failure to import some files on non-English version of Adobe Media Encoder on Windows.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 14.4

  • Hardware encoding is not available on macOS when encode height is greater than 2196 pixels.
  • Twitter 1080p preset now produces higher quality outputs with match source for frame rate and higher bitrate.
  • Cannot log in to Vimeo.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 14.3

  • Adobe Media Encoder may crash during batch import or export on a system with NVIDIA GPU without NVENC. 
  • When selecting the Output Name hot text in the Export Settings dialog, Adobe Media Encoder hangs.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 14.2

  • AS-11 export creates a file in full range instead of legal range.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 14.1

  • Unable to import some H.264 clips created with older versions of macOS Mojave screen recording.
  • Importing H.264 clips created with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) screen recording takes a long time.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 14.0.1

  • Adobe Media Encoder crashes when a sequence is exported with ProRes media and an embedded LUT from ARRI cameras.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 14.0

  • Improved performance for MXF OP1a Smart Rendering with Premiere Pro sequence.
  • Improved UI for some languages.
  • Open Captions fail to burn in when Premiere Pro sequences contain an After Effects composition.

Fixed issues in earlier versions of Adobe Media Encoder (version 13.x)

  • Exporting some QT sources with specific audio settings generates 0-byte output.
  • When encoding a video with the Time Tuner effect applied, a block pattern appears.
  • Duplicated or missing frames appear in some MPEG4, F4V, XAVC sources on decode. 
  • Some MPEG4 sources decode with “out of sync” frames.

  • When you encode interlaced H.264/HEVC, reimport and scrub color bars, the resulting clip has wrong colors.
  • Adobe Media Encoder hangs when transcode options are enabled while reingesting a camera structured source.
  • While encoding a sequence with certain still image or graphics layer combinations using Software renderer and native import, encoding fails.
  • The timecode overlay on a media clip in 30 fps or 60 fps, duplicates during the first two frames.
  • When a red file with embedded LUT is directly imported in Adobe Media Encoder, the LUT is not applied by default.

  • When you drag-import from the Media Browser, each file is duplicated.
  • An error message is displayed while dragging a folder that contains footage from the Media panel to the Queue panel.
  • Premiere Pro sequences with multiple closed caption tracks can sometimes get the wrong caption stream burned in when imported to Adobe Media Encoder.
  • When native import is turned off, Premiere Pro sequences with closed captions set to burn in do not appear in the exported file.

Crashes, hangs, or export issues

  • When you try to export HEVC/H.265 video layers from After Effects, the HEVC clip appears offline.
  • When you try to export H.264 either using VBR 1-pass or CBR, AAC audio is truncated at the end.
  • When you try to export MOV XDCAM HD422 sources, the application throws an error message.
  • Adobe Media Encoder crashes on renaming ingest filenames with input characters >>/?  in the Preset browser.

Miscellaneous issues

  • Unresponsive dynamic linking when OS is set in certain languages (MAC only).
  • No indication of file upload completion when publishing files to Creative Cloud.
  • Drop frame changes issues for frame rates less than 23.976.
  • Scaling issues with cropped images on using toggling crop option.

  • Occasional crashes in CC Library (Windows only).
  • Compatibility issues with AVI codecs: erroneous warning message on launching Media Encoder; Crash on launch when loading ExporterAVI.prm.
  • Issues with importing Blackmagic Video Assist & Hyper Deck ProRes files.
  • Issue with exporting certain Sony files as JPEG 2000 MXF OP1 file.

Crashes, hangs, failed import, or export issues

  • Some QT reference files can no longer be imported.
  • Some MOV files in DVCPRO and DVCPRO50 codecs are imported as audio-only.
  • Poor performance issue occurs in exporting with ProRes 422 HQ code.
  • 6144x6144 sequence exports as 5968x4352 using HEVC Match source presets.
  • Exporting to HEVC 5760x5760 produces HEVC file at 5760x4352.

Caption related issues

  • With DL import, caption in the project cannot be burned in. If caption is set to None, the whole video image becomes blank.
  • Premiere Pro sequences with closed captions show offline media in Adobe Media Encoder when native rendering is turned off (Mac only).

Workflow and user interface related issues

  • Any H.264 adaptive bit rate preset always uses the minimum bit rate b(0.19Mbps) if Premiere Pro / After Effects project is queued using Dynamic Link.

Hardware acceleration encoding/decoding

  • Cannot disable the Hardware acceleration decode option in Preferences > Media.
  • H.264 muxing requires twice the disk size of a destination output file. 
  • Adobe Media Encoder does not appear to be using H.264 HW Decode.

Miscellaneous issues

  • [XMP] Portrait image gets rotated by 90 degrees on output.
  • Adobe Media Encoder is trimming the output one frame less than Premiere Pro.
  • After Effects and Adobe Media Encoder are showing the wrong frame using Dynamic Link for a 23.976 Character Animator scene.