Adobe Captivate Classic workspace panels

To show or hide panels, select Window and then select the name of the panel.

Align Displays alignment options for objects in a slide. For more information, see Aligning objects.


Displays a thumbnail view of the slides in the project in the order of their appearance. For more information, see Filmstrip.

Mobile Palette Displays options to enable or disable geolocation features in a project and gesture options in a mobile project.

Question Pool

Displays a thumbnail view of the slides in question pools from where quiz questions are randomly picked at run-time. For more information, see Creating a question pool.

Master Slide

Displays the slides that define background and common objects, such as logos, headers, and footers for other slides. For more information, see Master slides.


Displays the timeline of a slide and its objects. For more information, see Timeline.


Displays all the resources, such as, images and audio files that are currently available for a project. For more information, see Adobe Captivate Classic Library.

Project Info

Displays the properties associated with the current project.

Quiz Properties

Displays the properties associated with quiz slides.

Slide Notes

Displays notes that are added for a slide. For more information, see Slide notes.


Displays review comments provided by reviewers. For more information, see View or sort comments in the Adobe Captivate Classic project.

Skin Editor

Displays the options for the ‘skin’ of the project output. Using this panel, you can switch between the interfaces for playback control, table of contents, and borders, and edit their settings. For more information, see Skins.

Drag and Drop

Displays the drag and drop properties of a particular interaction. You can either show or hide interactions between objects. For more information, see Creating a drag and drop interaction.

Advanced Interaction

Lists the names of all the interactive objects, widgets, questions, and hidden slides in the project. For more information, see Edit object information using the Advanced Interaction panel.

Branching View

Displays the linkage between the slides in the project and lets you edit the way the slides and objects are linked. For more information on Branching View, see Branching panel.

Progress Indicator

Indicates the progress of the conversion of non-flash video files into FLV/F4V format by Adobe Media Encoder (AME). For more information, see Inserting non-Flash video file formats.

HTML5 Tracker

Shows the objects and features that are not supported in HTML5 output. When you make changes to these objects in the project, this panel updates the list accordingly. For more information, see Publish projects as HTML5 files

Swatch Manager

Displays the color swatch panel. For more information, see Working with swatches.


Enable this option to display or hide effects in the timeline. If you enable the option Enable Effects in Timeline, the effect applied to any object displays in the timeline. The screenshot below shows an effect applied to a text object.


Switch between different workspaces and create custom workspaces. For more information, see Customizing workspaces.


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