Web fonts include support for many different languages. Use the LANGUAGES AND WRITING SYSTEMS drop-down menu while font browsing to find fonts that support a particular language or script, or review the full language support for any font from its font family page.

Languages and writing systems menu
Language support on a font family page

Once you've selected the fonts you want and have added them to your project, choose a character set for the language support:

  • Default character set: supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • All Characters set: all the glyphs in the font files, including all of the supported languages for that font family.
  • Dynamic Subsetting: a custom subset containing only the characters in use on your website. This option is required for East Asian web font serving.
  • Language Subsetting: create a custom subset for the specific languages that you will be using on your website.

The OpenType Features checkbox adds any available OpenType features to your project; it can be used with any of the Character Set options. Check this option to see which OpenType features the family includes; read more about Using OpenType features in CSS.

The Vertical Features checkbox adds the OpenType features to support vertical text in Japanese fonts.

Language and OpenType options in the web project