Adobe Fonts are available to Creative Cloud for enterprise customers with named-user subscriptions. If you’re already a Creative Cloud for enterprise subscriber, please contact your Adobe enterprise sales representative for more information.

What functionality is included in Creative Cloud for enterprise?

Each Creative Cloud for enterprise customer receives access to the full library of more than 10,000 fonts for desktop and web use.

What usage rights are provided to customers who use fonts through Creative Cloud for enterprise?

Creative Cloud for enterprise customers get exactly the same rights as other Adobe Fonts customers, described in the font licensing help page.

This includes the right to use the fonts for logos, print work, web design, video projects, and broadcast.

Will I use the Creative Cloud Packager to package and install fonts for my users?

No, font selections are not set up by the Creative Cloud Packager. Your users will each sign in to the Adobe Fonts website to select the fonts they would like to activate. Fonts can also be activated within Creative Cloud programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. The Creative Cloud desktop application is required to manage activated fonts.

Can I activate fonts without running the Creative Cloud desktop application?

No. The Creative Cloud desktop application must be installed and running in order to activate fonts. There is no alternative method of deploying fonts from Adobe to user desktops at this time.

Can I use web fonts without running the Creative Cloud desktop application?

Yes. Adding fonts to your website doesn’t require use of the Creative Cloud application.

I'm seeing a message that fonts are not available. What does this mean?

Account administrators can activate and deactivate individual Adobe services and applications, including fonts, for all users in their organization. If font access has been deactivated on your account, you will need to speak with your organization’s account administrator about enabling it.