Use this document for a list of bug fixes in the April 2019 releases (version 16.1, 16.1.1), and June 2019 release (version 16.1.2) of After Effects

Bugs fixed in the June 2019 release (version 16.1.2)


  • After Effects hangs when you edit expressions in the Graph Editor expression field if AutoComplete is disabled.
  • Expression errors on Windows do not show well-descriptive error in the error banner.
  • The legacy syntax this_layer displays error in Legacy ExtendScript expression engine stating that this_layer does not exist.
  • After Effects crashes when you paste or type the ((new Date()).toLocaleString()) expression in the Source Text property of a text layer.
  • When a Layer Control is set to None, any expression referencing it causes expression error.
  • When you write expressions, after the first line, the indentation of new lines inside curly braces aligns to wrong indentation depth.


  • After Effects crashes on quit if the Render Queue has item using unknown or missing output module (format).
  • System Color picker caused app crash.
  • After Effects crashes during or subsequent to completing a render in the Render Queue.
  • Divide by Zero Crash in PFp_InnerBlendingFunc with LUMINOSITY Blending mode.
  • Crash in CTopicPane::GetODataPtr().
  • Crash in boost bind of MC_Stuff::WriteToDiskAsync.
  • On Mac, After Effects crashes when you close it.
  • After Effects crashes or hangs if a data file is present in the comp, and you save the project.
  • After Effects crashes or hangs when a project is reloaded if a data file is present in the comp, and gives the error: After Effects error: internal verification failure, sorry! {unexpected match name searched for in group} ( 29 :: 0 ).
  • When you copy a Parented layer with Puppet to another layer, After Effects crashes.
  • On Windows, Silent font sync crashes when converting .psd text to editable text.
  • After Effects automatically crashes when you have nested comps, and you try to double-click a comp and interact with components such as Timeline, and layers.
  • AE crashes when running provided script.
  • Crash in AEDynamicLinkServer.

Other issues

  • After Effects freezes when you open the old ae project that is currently resaved with the latest version.
  • Render process slows down or pauses when After Effects is not in foreground or the screen enters the sleep or power-save mode.
  • ProRes 422 HQ files display with a significant black or white levels difference in 32 vs 16/8 bit.
  • On Mac, creation of dynamic folder is not possible due to rights issues. There is a directory of all Learn panel contents which is outside of the application directory. The Learn panel updater creates there a directory named Dynamic to store all downloaded assets and JSON files to it.
  • When you make changes to text layers, they get entagled, where the layers should work independent of each other.
  • Blank cache markings when you scrub the CTI (Current Time Indicator).
  • Cache markings not showing during preview.
  • Saved workspaces go missing when you update the After Effects app.
  • Workspaces merged from the 16.0 version do not consider the size of display. It generates huge main app panel as defaul, that are not fit to the display.
  • Duplicating RED R3D footage in Project panel disables the More Options button.
  • The Motion Sketch Panel does not display in the Japanese 16.1 version.
  • The width of the Learn panel is narrow.
  • The New Median effect is misplaced under Color Correction which is causing confusion.
  • On Mac for the Photoshop, JSON files: Edit Original does not work if file path or name contains non-ASCII char. This caused that Contents-Aware Fill reference frame does not function on Japanes, Chinese, and Korean OS.
  • Hardware Accelerated Comp: Composition does not refresh when you open a Precomp for the first time.
  • The render process becomes very slow when you switch from disabled to enabled hardware accelerated decoding.
  • If you have more than two monitors on a system, AE Transmit device selection misbehaves.
  • In the Essential Graphics Panel, the Font Size and Faux Styles do not work unless Custom Font Selection is also included.
  • Extend null pointer protection to include all mediacore signatures.
  • Licensing fails when you try to license a stock asset from Project panel.
  • Character Panel often closes itself.
  • After Effects throws Error -17 while rendering a comp.
  • Bubble Pulse.ffx preset raises error with JavaScript engine. Undefined value used in expression.
  • On Mac, when you create a comp in After Effects, and send it to Premiere Pro, the comp opens up but After Effects throws an error "unable to map buffer into application memory".
  • Invert HLS or Hue + Curves produces big color difference between CPU and GPU in 8bit.

Bugs fixed in the April 2019 release (version 16.1.1)

  • After the latest update of Adobe After Effects, when you open any file from Bridge (9.0.2), it opens in After Effects (16.1)  by default. All files should open up in programs as per file type associations set in Bridge.
  • After Effects may crash when opening a project if there are missing fonts.

Bugs fixed in the April 2019 release (version 16.1)

  • The user interface responds slowly if the Essential Graphics panel is open and there are many drop-down menus in that panel for the selected master composition.
  • You cannot reorder groups in the Essential Graphics panel with subgroups.
  • The font size in a Motion Graphics template created by After Effects cannot be adjusted when only the font size adjustment is enabled. It also requires the custom font selection control to also be enabled.
  • Master Properties that have both expressions and keyframes fail to render the layer as expected.
  • When previews are played in the Layer viewer panel, audio starts playback from the beginning of the footage instead of the layer in point (which caused audio to be out of sync with the video).
  • Searching for Missing Footage in the Project panel does not include comps with proxies that are missing in the results.
  • Clicking on the path hot text for an Output Module in the Render Queue opens the folder one level up, instead of selecting that file in Finder or Explorer.
  • When reloading multiple missing footage files, After Effects stops the reloading process if one of the files causes an error.
  • If you replace a layer (Option/Alt + drag from the Project panel), and then change the in or out points of that layer, when you undo replacing the layer, the new timing of the replacement layer is inherited. Instead, original layer timing should be restored. 
  • The Noise effect is missing when you save an After Effects 16.1 project as After Effects 15.x or 14.x.
  • The Lumetri Color effect does not render as you drag in the color wheels. It only renders when you let go of the mouse button.
  • Sony Venice V3 XOCN footage randomly renders too dark if the project is set to Mercury Software Only.
  • CEP panels change their width when docked into the workspace.
  • Dragging a single panel from a stacked panel group into a new group, where it is the only panel, creates stacked groups.
  • The JavaScript expressions engine does not generate the same random number results as the Legacy ExtendScript engine.
  • When an expression references the name of a layer in a string or in a Source Text property, the name of the layer is not returned. Instead, it returns[Object].
  • The sampleImage() expression method returns the wrong value if the post-expression value of the property is read by a ScriptUI panel.
  • Applying the createPath() expression via the Expression Language menu auto-fills the (is_Closed) parameter as deprecated snake case instead of camel caseisClosed.
  • Renaming an effect that is referenced by an expression causes the expression to incorrectly update references to that effect properties when those properties have the same name as the effect.
  • The Link Focus Distance to Layer, Link Focus Distance to Point of Interest, Create Stereo 3D Rig, and Create Orbit Null commands create expressions that are incompatible with the JavaScript expression engine.
  • Specific complex, multi-composition expressions cause fast flickering of the expression error warning banner and icons. Note that to fix this, there is a small slowdown in expression evaluation speed for these expressions.
  • After Effects reopens the Install Script File dialog if you try to install and overwrite a script for a ScriptUI panel that was already installed and the panel open.
  • The ImportOptions() scripting constructor fails with an error, "Path does not refer to a valid file", if the passed file path contains a percent sign (%) character. 
  • The mocha shape effect is missing from After Effects.
  • Mercury Transmit  does not allocate memory for the current composition, in order to avoid a problem where Blackmagic Design devices would request large memory allocations for all compositions, which could cause memory errors when opening projects with many compositions.

Crash issues

  • After Effects crashes when importing 32-bit Targa files that are not RLE compressed. 
  • After Effects crashes if you press the Shift key + up arrow key to select text inside of a paragraph text box, if the insertion point cursor is outside of the visible bounds of the text box.
  • After Effects crashes if you undo after applying an animation preset that applies the Puppet effect.
  • After Effects crashes when you switch workspaces with the Learn panel or other CEP panels open. 
  • After Effects crashes when switching workspaces, if the Lumetri Scopes panel had been open. 
  • After Effects crashes in some cases when moving groups in the Essential Graphics panel. 
  • After Effects crashes on quit after enabling Mercury Transmit previews via a Blackmagic Design device. 
  • After Effects crashes on quit when Mercury Transmit is enabled and you quit while After Effects is previewing frames to the Transmit monitor. 
  • Fixed the causes of several other crashing conditions that were found using data submitted via Adobe Crash Reporter.

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