Typekit is a subscription service for fonts which you can sync to your computer or use on a website. Instead of licensing individual fonts, you can sign up for the plan that best suits your needs and get a library of fonts from which to choose.

Fonts from Typekit can be used to make websites, t-shirts, books, posters, and more. For all the details, see our licensing FAQ and the full Typekit Services Agreement

You can also expand your personal Typekit library by purchasing new fonts from the Typekit Marketplace or from one of our foundry partners.

Getting started

If you’re a Creative Cloud subscriber, you already have access to Typekit! Sign in to typekit.com with your Adobe ID and start choosing some fonts.

If you’re not a Creative Cloud subscriber, there are several types of standalone Typekit plans as well.

Once you've set up an account, follow one of these tutorials to get started:

Your Typekit plan gives you access to the fonts for as long as your account is active. If you choose to cancel your plan, the fonts will no longer be synced or served to your website. Any site using web fonts from Typekit will display the fallback fonts specified in your font stack or your browser’s defaults.

Learn more

If you have detailed questions about Typekit, we’d recommend taking a look through our Learn & Support page.

The Typekit blog is a great resource for inspiration with announcements about new fonts, articles about making type, and more.

Typekit Practice is a collection of resources and a place to try things, hone your skills, and stay sharp. Everyone can practice typography.

If you have any further questions or run into any trouble, you can always email our support team at support@typekit.com.


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