Replace missing fonts

Boost your productivity using the smart font replacement with the new update of Adobe Captivate Classic (2019 release).

If you see a Missing Fonts dialog upon opening a project, this means that the project uses fonts that you don’t currently have on your computer. If you proceed without resolving the missing fonts, a default font will be substituted in. Since this affects the appearance of the project — sometimes dramatically so — we recommend resolving the missing fonts.

Update missing fonts
Update missing fonts

While listing missing fonts, Captivate Classic checks for fonts used in the Object Style Manager, master slides, objects and theme fonts. If a font is missing, it is listed as missing font. The missing fonts may exist, for example, in a Master Slide.

If you click Close, the fonts that are missing are replaced with the default font Tahoma.

If you choose any font and click Replace Fonts, all objects or styles that use a particular font in the project get replaced by the font that you have selected.


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