Work with the filmstrip

The Filmstrip displays all the slides in the project in the order in which they appear when published.

You can change the order of a slide by dragging it to a new location within the Filmstrip. To select multiple slides, hold down the Shift or Control key when clicking on slides. To select all slides, press Control+A.

To change the size of the thumbnails in the Filmstrip, right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) on any slide, select Filmstrip, and then select Small, Medium, or Large.

If a slide has a label (short title) assigned, the label appears under the slide. It might be easier to move slides and jump to a specific slide if you have assigned labels instead of just using the slide number.

The filmstrip
The filmstrip

A. Slide Label B. Slide Number 

A handycam icon appears at the bottom of slides if the slide was recorded in:

  • Video Demo mode

  • Full Motion Recording (FMR) mode. You can record in the FMR mode by pressing F9 (to start FMR) and F10 (to end FMR) while doing Automatic or Manual recording.

If a slide has an audio file associated with it, the audio icon appears at the bottom of the slide. You can click the sound icon to show a menu with sound options such a Play, Import, and Edit.

If a slide is locked, the lock icon appears on the upper-right corner of the slide. You can click the lock icon to unlock the slide.

If a slide contains mouse movement, the mouse icon appears at the bottom of the slide. You can click the mouse icon to modify some of mouse properties. For more information on mouse properties, see Change mouse properties.

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