Differences between events and synchronized videos in Adobe Captivate

The following scenarios can help you decide the option you must choose:

Scenario: On-demand demonstration

You have to play a video (probably on user interaction) in a slide, for example an on-demand demonstration.

In this case, you can use the event video option.

Scenario: Talking Heads

A presenter describes the contents on the slide. In such talking heads scenarios, multi-slide synchronized video is the effective option.

The following table shows the differences between the two so that you can decide which option to use:

Event video

Multi-slide synchronized video

May not be in sync with the slide

Plays in sync with the slide

Can be placed only on stage

Can be placed either on stage or TOC

Does not get added to the Library

Gets added to the library.

You can preview the video on both slides and in the library.

You can replace or update the file from the library.

Multiple videos can be added to a slide

Only one video can be added to multiple slides

Does not support closed captioning

Supports closed captioning

Users can play, pause, rewind, or forward the video using the playback controls in the skin.

Users cannot control the slide video. The video plays based on how you have synchronized it with the project.

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