How to insert pretests in Adobe Captivate

Pretests or preassessments are used to assess the knowledge of learners before they begin the course. Based on the points they score in the pretest, you can direct them to specific slides or modules in the course. This way the learners can make optimum use of their time by going through only that content that is relevant to them.

  1. Click Quiz > Insert Question Slide.

  2. Select the type of questions you want in the pretest and type the number of questions required.

  3. In the drop-down list corresponding to each question type, click Pretest.

Differences between pretest and regular quiz questions:


Regular quiz question

Cannot contain random question slides

Can contain random question slides

Edit Preset Action

No advanced action associated by default

No On Success action

On Success Action

Playbar is hidden always in the CPTX project (including regular quiz questions if any)

Playbar is available if it is enabled in Skin Editor. You can hide the playbar in regular quiz questions by selecting Hide Playbar In Quiz in Preferences.

Reporting pretest performance

You can get the following details of pretests reported to an LMS,, Adobe Connect, or to any server on your network:

  • Slide views

  • User interaction data


You cannot report pretest scores using Adobe Captivate. However, you can get the pretest scores reported to an LMS using the Mulit-SCO Packager in Adobe eLearning Suite. 

To enable reporting for pretests, do the following:

  1. Click Edit > Preferences > Quiz > Reporting.

  2. Select Enable Reporting For This Project, and choose an appropriate option. If you want the details to be reported to an LMS, click SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, or AICC based on the standard that your LMS supports.

  3. Specify Success/Completion Criteria and Data To Report. For details, see Success/Completion criteria and Data to report.

Branching from pretests

  1. Click one of the pretest question slides in the Filmstrip.

  2. Click Edit Pretest Action in the Action accordion of the Quiz Properties panel.

    The default action associated with pretests, CpPrestestAction appears in the Advanced Actions dialog box.

  3. Edit the advanced action by choosing appropriate values in the IF, Actions, and Else sections.

    • By default, the Edit Preset Action includes the variable, cpQuizInfoPretestScorePercentage in the IF section. If you have chosen points instead of percentage as the quiz score in the quiz settings, double-click the variable name and choose cpQuizInfoPretestPointScored.

    • If you have assigned partial or negative scores for the pretest scores, you can also use other variables, such as, cpQuizInfoQuestionPartialScoreOn.

Along with pretest, you can include regular quiz questions in individual modules in a course. In such cases, Review Quiz on the Result slide takes users to the quiz in the module they viewed and not to the pretest.

Variables for pretests


Returns the score that users get in the pretest as points. For example, 20.


Returns the score that users get in the pretest as percentage. For example, 50%.

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