Use Adobe Bridge with Captivate Classic

Adobe Bridge is integrated with Adobe Captivate Classic 7 and later. This integration lets you easily organize, browse, locate, and import shared creative assets while authoring in Adobe Captivate Classic.

You can perform the following actions to implement an Adobe Captivate Classic-Adobe Bridge workflow:

  • Select any content asset from Bridge and insert it in an Adobe Captivate Classic slide.

  • Drag-and-drop audio, video, and other types of media from Bridge into the Adobe Captivate Classic library.

  • Select a PSD file in Bridge and edit it in Adobe Captivate Classic.

Access Bridge from Adobe Captivate Classic

To launch Bridge from within Adobe Captivate Classic, select File > Browse.

  1. Select File > Browse.


    Alternatively, you can click the Browse Bridge Connection tool button.

Switch to Adobe Captivate Classic from Bridge

You can quickly return to Adobe Captivate Classic from Bridge.

  1. Select File > Return to Adobe Captivate Classic.

Place assets in Adobe Captivate Classic

From Bridge, you can place selected assets in Adobe Captivate Classic by dragging them into Adobe Captivate Classic or using the In Captivate Classic option from the Place menu.

  1. Select File > Place > In Captivate Classic.

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