Work with the Widget panel in Adobe Captivate

The Widget panel (Window > Widget) displays all the widgets that are present in the \\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate <version number>\Gallery\Widgets folder (on Windows) and /Applications/Adobe Captivate 6/Gallery/Widgets (on Mac OS). You can add widgets to a slide by dragging the widget from the panel to the slide. Alternatively, you can select a widget in the panel and click Insert. A preview of the widget is displayed in the Preview panel when you select a slide. Developers creating widgets can define the image that users see in the preview panel.

Sort widgets in the Widget panel

You can sort widgets according to their type in the Widget panel.

  1. Use the menu at the bottom of the panel to select the type of widgets that you want displayed.

Add new widgets to the Widget panel

  1. Click the browse icon on the Widget panel.

  2. In the Browse For Folder dialog box, navigate to the widget that you want to add to the panel.

  3. Select the widget, and click Open.

Change the default location of the Widget panel

The widgets in the Widget panel are picked up from the \\Program files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 6\Gallery\Widgets folder (on Windows) and /Applications/Adobe Captivate 6/Gallery/Widgets folder (on Mac OS). You can change this default location by pointing the Widget panel to an alternative folder.

  • Click the Change Path icon. In the Browse For Folder dialog box, select a folder from which to populate the Widget panel.

Download widgets from Adobe Captivate Exchange

You can download widgets from Adobe Captivate Exchange to the Widget panel.

  • Click the Adobe Captivate Exchange icon. Download the widget from the Adobe Captivate Exchange web site.

Linked widgets

If you have a widget that references other widgets, do the following to display the widget in the Widget panel.

  1. Save all the related widgets in a single folder.

  2. Create a description.xml file that provides information about the linking of SWF files.

    The description.xml file contains the following tags:


    Description of the widget.


    Type of the widget: Static, Interactive, or Question.


    Name of the main SWF file that uses the linked SWF files.


    Name of the SWF files that are linked to the main SWF file. Use semicolons to separate the names.

  3. Compress the folder and name the ZIP file, giving it a .wdgt extension.

  4. Place the ZIP file in the Widgets folder. The path to this folder is \\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate <version number>\Gallery\ (on Windows) and /Applications/Adobe Captivate 6/Gallery (on Mac OS).

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