How to create rollover captions in Adobe Captivate

Use rollover captions when you want to display the caption only when the user moves the mouse over a designated area on the slide. Rollover captions consist of a caption and a rectangle that marks the designated area, also called the rollover area. The caption appears when the user moves the mouse over the rollover area at run time.

Add rollover captions

  1. Select the slide to which you want to add a rollover caption.

  2. Select Insert > Standard Objects > Rollover Caption.

  3. Set the various options for the caption in the Rollover Caption dialog box. See Text caption properties for more information.

  4. Click OK. The text caption and the rollover area appear on the slide.

  5. Select the rollover area and set the properties using the Property Inspector (Window > Properties).

  6. Click Accessibility to add accessible text to the object. For details, see Customize accessibility text for objects

  7. For properties with the icon, select either

    • Apply To All Items To apply the effect to all objects that belong to the object type.

    • Apply To All Items Of Same Style To apply to all objects that use the same object style.

  8. Click OK.

Edit rollover area

Rollover captions and rollover images consist of a caption or image and a rollover area (the “hot” area). The rollover area defines where the mouse must be for the caption or image to appear.

  1. Open an Adobe Captivate project.

  2. Select the slide containing the rollover caption or image.

    • To change the size of the rollover area, click one of the handles and drag.

    • To move the rollover area to another location, move the mouse over the rollover area until the hand cursor appears. Drag the box to the desired location.

    • To modify the rollover area attributes, select the rollover area make the required changes in the Property Inspector (Window > Properties).

    • Customize the following for the rollover area in the Property Inspector if required:

      Stroke Stroke color for the rollover area.

      Fill Fill color for the rollover area. To decide the degree of transparency for the fill color, select a value for the option Alpha in the Color menu. The value of 90% is less transparent (more solid) than a value of 10%.

      Width Thickness of the border of the rollover area.

      Fill Outer Area Select this option to fill the area outside the boundaries of the rollover area with the color selected in Fill Color. When you choose this option, the area within the rollover area is not colored.


    You can observe the fill color around the rollover area only when you preview or publish the project.

    The other tabs in the Properties dialog box are similar to those for text captions. See Text captions for more information.


Convert tooltips to rollover captions

When you record a new project or record additional slides for an existing project, you can set a recording option that requires Adobe Captivate to convert tooltips to rollover captions. When this option is selected, Adobe Captivate creates a rollover caption for every tooltip that is selected during the recording process.

Converting tooltips to rollover captions is an easy way to automatically create an appropriate and descriptive caption for action taking place in a project.

  1. In an open project, select Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Adobe Captivate > Preferences (Mac OS).

  2. In the Preferences dialog box, select Modes in the Recording menu.

  3. Select Convert Tooltips to Rollover Captions.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Click Record to begin recording a new project and automatically converting tooltips to rollover captions.


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