Cannot launch Dreamweaver CS5 on Mac OS

When you try to launch Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 on Mac OS, the application doesn't start. One of the following occurs:

  • The Dreamweaver menu appears in the menu bar, but other menus, such as File, Edit, and View, do not appear.
  • The application does not appear on the screen at all.

Solution: Install the Dreamweaver 11.0.4 update

  1. If the AdobeDreamweaver-11.0-All-Update disk image automatically opens after you download it, go to Step 3. Otherwise, double-click the downloaded file to open the disk image.

  2. Double-click the AdobeDreamweaver-11.0-All-Update folder to open it.
  3. Double-click the AdobePatchInstaller application, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Important: After installing this update, restart your computer.

Additional information

For more launch troubleshooting steps, see Troubleshoot launch issues.

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