Add fonts to CC Mobile

All fonts included with Creative Cloud can be used on mobile on iOS13.1 (and newer) apps that support Apple's custom font APIs. Search for your favorite font families or discover new ones with just a few swipes.


Download the Creative Cloud mobile app

Adobe Fonts are installed on your mobile device through Adobe’s Creative Cloud mobile app for iOS.

Choose fonts to install

First, go to the Fonts section of the Creative Cloud app.

Fonts section of the app.

Start by browsing the library of fonts. 

browse modes - iPad

Add filters to refine the list of fonts. You can filter fonts by classification (such as Serif or Script).

filters - script - iPad

You can toggle between the default & Japanese font collections from the mode selector under the options menu on the top right.

There is a large library of Japanese fonts, as well.

Font browsing - Japanese - iPad

You can also see any fonts that you have added through Adobe Fonts on your desktop computer(s), but have not been installed on this device.



When you find a font you like, click the “Install Fonts” button.  If you haven't installed a new font recently, you'll also need to confirm by clicking “Install” in the pop-up window.

Installing your first font - iPad

Installed fonts will be listed in the Installed Fonts tab.

Installed fonts tab

Find all fonts installed in the iOS/iPadOS settings

Once the fonts are installed, they are added to the font menu in each application that supports Apple's custom font APIs.

You can also find a list of your installed fonts in the Settings under General > Fonts.

Settings > General > Fonts - iPad

Manage fonts

Fonts can be uninstalled from both the Browse Adobe Fonts tab and the Installed Fonts tab.

Remove font - iPad

In addition to being listed in the CC Mobile app and in your device’s Settings, your installed fonts are listed on the Adobe Fonts website under the Added Fonts tab in My Adobe Fonts. Read more about managing your fonts.

You can install as many fonts as you’d like. We recommend removing fonts you no longer use to keep your font menu short and to optimize performance on your devices. We keep track of the fonts you’ve used before in your Previously Added tab, so you can always add them again in the future.


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