Premiere Pro for Apple silicon

Run Premiere Pro faster with native support for Apple M1 devices. 

Premiere Pro 15.4 introduces native support M1 devices with average speed gains around 80% compared with similarly configured previous generation Apple systems.   

Known differences and limitations

There are some differences in functionality and some features are not available with Premiere Pro on Apple M1.

  • Capture workflows (DV, HDV, third-party capture support, and device control)

  • Export to Wraptor DCP

  • Import and export of the GoPro Cineform codec

  • Import of certain XDCAM formats (currrently XDCAMEX)

  • Export to the P2 Movie format

  • EUCON control surface support

  • AAF import and export

  • Sync Settings with Creative Cloud

If you need access to these features or functions, run Premiere Pro in Rosetta2 emulation mode.

Plugins and Integrations

Our SDKs have been published so Adobe video technology partners can update their effects, plug-ins, and panels to work with Premiere Pro on Apple M1. Check with your plug-in maker to see if they have a version ready for Apple silicon. 

Rosetta 2 emulation compatibility issues



Keyboard shortcuts are always greyed out.

No workaround required. The keyboard shortcuts are greyed out but they still function correctly.

Are legacy versions compatible?

Previous versions of Premiere Pro are compatible with Big Sur and there are no known issues at this time.  We recommend updating to the latest version of Premiere Pro for the best experience.


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