Import questions from GIFT format files

Instead of adding question slides in Adobe Captivate manually, you can choose to directly import question banks from GIFT files. Creating GIFT format files and importing questions from them is useful if you have to add large number of questions in your courses.

GIFT stands for General Import Format Technology using which you can create questions using plain text. These files can be saved as text files and can be imported into Adobe Captivate or Moodle.

A GIFT file saved as a text file
A GIFT file saved as a text file

If you are using Moodle as your LMS, it is most likely that you already have questions in GIFT format. You can export the questions from Moodle and import them into your Adobe Captivate courses. Or, you can directly import the files stored locally on your computer.

If you do not have the questions in GIFT format, you can quickly format your questions in the GIFT format. Then, save the files as simple .txt files, and then import them into Adobe Captivate. Here’s the generic syntax the GIFT format:


::Question title with double colons:: Question goes here {Answers go here}

For more information on GIFT format, see this article.

Supported question types

Question type




Short Answer






Numerical questions

Format symbols



// text

Comment until end of line (optional)


Question title (optional)


Question text (becomes title if no title specified)


The format of the following bit of text. Options are [moodle], [plain], and [markdown]. The default is [moodle] for the question text, other parts of the question default to the format used for the question text.


Start answers -- without any answers, text is a description of following questions

{T} or {F}

True or False answer; also {TRUE} and {FALSE}

{ ... =right ... }

Correct answer for multiple choice, (multiple answer? -- see page comments) or fill-in-the-blank

{ ... ~wrong ... }

Incorrect answer for multiple choice or multiple answer

{ ... =item -> match ... }

Answer for matching questions

#feedback text

Answer feedback for preceding multiple, fill-in-the-blank, or numeric answers


Start numeric answers.


Numeric answer accepted within ± tolerance range


Lower and upper range values of accepted numeric answer


n percent credit for one of multiple numeric ranges within tolerance from answer


End answers.


Backslash escapes the special meaning of ~, =, #, {, }, and :


Places a newline in question text -- blank lines delimit questions

Import questions

  1. Click Quiz > Import GIFT Format File.


  2. Select the text file that contains the questions in the GIFT format and click Open.


    The questions in the file are parsed and imported into Adobe Captivate. If the file contains questions and answers that are not supported in Adobe Captivate, an error message appears with the details.

After the questions are imported, you can specify the properties just like you do for any other Adobe Captivate question slide. For more information on quiz properties, see Quiz properties.


You can also import questions in GIFT format into question pools. See Create question pools.


Example: Importing multiple answer type question

Which two teams play in the Manchester derby? {
   ~%50%Manchester United
   ~%50%Manchester City
   ~%-100%Newcastle United

After you import the file, you can see that the question has multiple answer options, as shown below:

Multiple Answer Question
Multiple Answer Question

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