Capture content from iOS devices (Captivate Classic for MAC feature)

Using the Device Capture feature, you can record video demos (*.cpvc projects) of content and apps that are on your iOS device. Just plug in the device, and start recording all the actions that you perform on the device.


This feature supports only those iOS devices that are connected to the Mac with a lightning connecter (that is IOS devices with IOS 8 and above and with MAC OSX version 10 and above).

Before recording

Decide on the orientation of the device before you start recording. You cannot change device orientation while recording as the resolution changes abruptly and Captivate Classic stops the recording.

Message displayed when you change device orientation
Message displayed when you change device orientation

Connect the device

Use the lightning device connector to connect your iOS device to the Mac.

Record new video demonstrations of your device

  1. Click File > Record a new > Device Demo. A screen appears on the monitor displaying the connected device. If there is more than one connected device, select the required device from the drop-down list on the left of the Device Audio button.

    Click File > Record a new > Device Demo
    Recording a new device demo

    If the device is not connected properly, Captivate Classic issues a warning beep and displays the following error message:

    Device not detected error
    Device not detected error

    If you see this message, unconnect and reconnect the device, and make sure it is unlocked.

  2. Select the audio recording options by clicking the Device Audio dropdown and press  to start recording. 

    You can pause the recording at any point by clicking  again.

    The timer starts counting the time in seconds at the top of the screen indicating the length of the device capture video. 


    If you have audio playing on your device, Captivate Classic plays the audio through the Mac, capturing the audio content from the device in your recording. 

  3. Once you are done with the recording, press  on the skin to stop the recording. The project now opens in Captivate Classic with all the standard video editing options available to you for editing the video demo.

Add gestures

To show the actual device user experience, gesture support is added. 

You can now add and edit gestures such as swipes, taps, pinches, and zooms. When a video demo is open for editing in Captivate Classic, all the available gestures appear in the Property Inspector.

Available gestures
Available gestures

  1. Click, drag, and drop the gesture you want to add from the Property Inspector to the stage.


    The gesture appears on the timeline as a gesture showing the name of the gesture such as tap or swipe, allowing for easier identification of the gesture.

    Gestures on the timeline
    Gestures on the timeline

  2. Edit the gesture to look and behave the way you want it to.

From an expert: Adobe Captivate Classic and iOS Device Capture

Watch this tutorial to learn more about capturing content from your iOS device.

Dr. Pooja Jaisingh