Adobe Experience Manager Livefyre | Product Description

Effective as of April 4, 2018

What is Adobe Experience Manager Livefyre ("Livefyre")?

Livefyre is a content curation and audience engagement platform that enables Customer to access user generated content that can be streamed in real-time to Customer’s sites, digital billboards, apps, and in-store displays.

Products and Services License Metric Deployment
Livefyre Per Livefyre Base Package On-demand Services
Standard Activation Per Standard Activation On-demand Services
Business Activation Per Business Activation On-demand Services
Premier Activation Per Premier Activation On-demand Services
Enterprise Activation Per Enterprise Activation On-demand Services
Maximum Activation Per Maximum Activation On-demand Services

Livefyre Definitions

Activation means Customer Content sourced through Livefyre and published on a Livefyre application that is (i) tailored for a specific use case (e.g., geography, brand, sub-brand, or product); and (ii) displayed on a single digital property (e.g., microsite, digital billboard, in-store display, or mobile application).

Business Activation means 1 Activation and up to 2.5 million Page Views per month.

Enterprise Activation means 1 Activation and up to 200 million Page Views per month.

Livefyre Base Package means access to the Livefyre user interface and the ability to import and review Third Party Materials and up to 1 million Third Party Material Mentions per month.

Maximum Activation means 1 Activation and up to 2 billion Page Views per month.

Page View means a single view of an email or web page of an internet site, including application screen views, application screen states, mobile web pages, and social network pages. Page Views occur each time a web page, digital billboard, or in-store display is loaded or refreshed, an application is loaded, or when content renders or is shown through an opened or viewed email.

Premier Activation means 1 Activation and up to 20 million Page Views per month.

Standard Activation means 1 Activation and up to 250 thousand Page Views per month.

Third Party Material Mentions means each instance that a piece of Third Party Material is collected by Livefyre based on Customer’s search parameters, from a third party provider selected by Customer, in the Livefyre user interface.


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