Profiles missing | Print dialog box


The profiles you've chosen in the past when printing are no longer available in Adobe Photoshop.


To get the most accurate print, use profiles that are created for your printer, paper, and ink. Profiles used for a different purpose, such as describing the color space used when editing, don't describe the printer. Therefore, they do not create the most accurate prints.

In Photoshop, profiles that aren't appropriate for the chosen printer don't appear in the Print dialog box. For nonPostScript printers, including desktop inkjet printers, such Canon and Epson printers, working space profiles (sRGB, AdobeRGB, and ProPhotoRGB) and monitor profiles are no longer available.

Contact your printer or paper manufacturer for the appropriate profile for your printer and paper. If you don't have a printer-specific profile, and you like using a working space profile, try choosing Printer Manages Color. This option is available from the Color Handling pop-up menu in the Print dialog box.

For more information about printing in Photoshop, see these two TechNotes:

Preparing to print from Photoshop


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