Use the Captivate Classic Community Portal

Community portal in Captivate Classic

Captivate Classic 9.0.2 comes with an in-built Community Portal that provides blogs, forum posts, knowledge-based articles, tweets related to product to users. In the community portal, you can find updated product information, write blogs, ask questions, and so on.

Advantages of a community portal

Content creation -

Power users, new users, and learners can contribute and create content in the portal in a controlled environment. The design of the portal should be intuitive enough for both technical and non-technical users to be up and running without much hand holding.

Social sharing -

A community portal contains social sharing tools to facilitate collaboration between user groups and individual users. Users can invite other users to create connections and share information through the following means:

  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Forums

Scalable platform -

A community portal is modular, so when the product requirements grow, the community portal accommodates all the changes.

Log in to the Community Portal

Click Community in the main toolbar to launch the portal.

Community button
Community button

If you are already logged in as an Adobe user, you shall be automatically logged in with your Adobe credentials. You can also see the number of notifications in your account.


Create a blog post

To create a blog post, click Write a blog on the right panel.

Write blog
Write blog

In the form, you can choose the blog type, create tags for the post, and create the body of the post.

Choose blog type
Choose blog type

In addition to creating blog posts, you can ask questions to the community members, view a list of upcoming events and webinars, and view the latest tweets related to Captivate Classic.

Calculating points awarded to a user

Grading of users according to their contributions is an essential part of the portal. There are six levels of expertise a user can attain:

  1. Newbie (zero points)
  2. Explorer (50 points)
  3. Guide (150 points)
  4. Master (500 points)
  5. Wizard (1000 points)
  6. Legend (5000 points)

For example, when you log in to the portal for the first time and are a new user, you are awarded zero points and therefore you become a Newbie. When you click the drop-down list in your profile, you can view your current level.

Profile view
Profile view

If you attain 1000 points in a calendar year (8/2/2016-8/1/2017), you become a Wizard. If from 8/2/2017, you gain only 50 points, you lose your Wizard badge and you become an Explorer, since you only accumulated 1050 points (1000+50).

If you do not accumulate any point from 8/2/2017, you will go back to being a Newbie.

Similarly, if you gain 150 and 500 points, you become a Guide and a Master respectively.

However, if you gain 1000 points, you will retain your Wizard badge, since you will have accumulated 2000 points.

The following table lists points attributed for each activity:

Points table
Points table


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