When using Export As dialog, images or artboards are exported with dimensions that are off by one pixel

A user may encounter this problem when an asset is cropped or scaled and the result includes a partial or fractional pixel. For example, when a 100px by 523px document is exported at 50% scale, 50% of 523 is 261.5, a fractional pixel. Since it is not possible for an image document to have a partial pixel, Photoshop rounds up which incorrectly causes the other dimetion to be increased by 1. The resulting exported image is 51 x 262 instead of 50 x 262. 


To work around this issue, please try these options:

  1. Edit the original image to ensure it will scale down with no half pixels. For this example make it 100 x 524.
  2. Use the Canvas Size fields in the Export As dialog. After setting the image width, height, or scale, enter the correct dimensions in the Canvas Width and Height fields. For this example, make it 50 x 262.
  3. When cropping, uncheck "Delete cropped pixels" on Crop Tool options bar.
Our engineering team is looking into a more robust way to handle this issue.

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