A keyframe.h-142 error appears when you open existing or archived projects in Adobe Premiere Elements.

Repair the project file with a PERL command

  1. Close Adobe Premiere Elements.
  2. Run the following command using command prompt on your computer:

    perl -p -e "s/([-0-9]+?),([0-9]{12,24})/$1.$2/g" damaged.prel >newfile.prel

    • Replace "damaged.prel" with the path of the prel file that you are trying to open. For example, you are trying to open picnic.prel saved to the Picnic folder of your computer's C drive. The path in this case is C:\Picinic\picnic.prel.

    • Replace "newfile.prel" with the path where you want the new file created. For example, if you want to create the file in the same location, use C:\Picinic\picnic1.prel. You rename the file to avoid conflict arising due to similar filenames in the same folder.

    Using the above example, the command would be:
    perl -p -e "s/([-0-9]+?),([0-9]{12,24})/$1.$2/g" C:\Picnic\picnic.prel >C:\Picnic\picnic1.prel

  3. Reopen Adobe Premiere Elements and open the .prel file.