Updated in Adobe Camera Raw 10.3 (April 2018 release).

Profiles allow you to control how colors and tonality are rendered in your photos. The profiles are intended to serve as a starting point or foundation for making image edits.

When you apply a profile on your photo it does not change or overwrite the value of other edit control sliders. Therefore, you can make edits to your photos as you like and then choose to apply a profile on top of your edited image.

Apply a profile to your image

To browse and apply profiles:

  1. In the Basic panel of the Camera Raw dialog box, click the Profile drop-down list to quickly access Adobe Raw profiles. To view other available profiles, select Browse.

    Browse profiles in the Profile drop-down list.
    Profile Browser


    When you import photos, Adobe Color and Adobe Monochrome profiles are applied by default to color and black-and-white photos respectively.

  2. Expand any of the profile groups (explained below) to view the profiles available in that group.


    In the Profile Browser panel, click the drop-down list on the right to access the viewing options. You can choose to view the profiles as Grid thumbnails or as a List. You can also filter the profiles using ColorB&W, or All.



    Displays profiles that you've marked as favorite. See Add profiles to Favorites.

    Adobe Raw profiles

    Creative profiles for raw and non-raw photos

    Creative profiles work on any file type including raw photos, JPEGs, and TIFFs. These profiles are designed to create a certain style or effect in your photo.

    Artistic: Use these profiles if you want the color rendering in your photo to be more edgy and with stronger color shifts.

    B&W: Use these profiles to get optimal tone shifts required for black and white work.

    Modern: Use these profiles to create unique effects that fit in with modern photography styles.

    Vintage: Use these profiles to replicate the effects of vintage photos.

    Profiles for raw photos

    The following profile groups appear when you are editing a raw photo:

    Adobe Raw: Adobe Raw profiles significantly improve color rendering and provide a good starting point for editing your raw images. Adobe Color profile is designed to provide a good color/tone balance for any image. This profile is applied by default to the raw photos that you import. 

    Camera Matching: Displays profiles based on the camera make/model of your raw photo. Use Camera Matching profiles when you prefer the color rendering in your raw files to match with what you see on your camera’s display screen. 

    Legacy: Displays legacy profiles that were provided in the earlier versions of Adobe Camera Raw.

    Artistic profiles


    When you apply any of the ArtisticB&WModern, and Vintage profiles, an Amount slider is displayed that allows you to control profile intensity. For other profiles, the Amount slider is dimmed/inactive.

  3. Move the pointer over any profile to preview its effect in your photo. Click the profile to apply it to your photo.

  4. To go back to the Basic panel, click Close at the upper-right corner of the Profile Browser panel.

Add profiles to Favorites

To add a profile to Favorites, do one of the following:

  • When browsing the profiles in the Grid view, hover over the profile thumbnail and click the star icon that appears at the upper-right corner of the thumbnail. 
  • When browsing the profiles in the List view, click the star icon that appears before the profile's name.


When you add a profile to Favorites, the Profile pop-up menu in the Basic tab of the Camera Raw dialog box gets updated too. When you remove a profile from Favorites, this Profile pop-up menu reflects the change. This way, you can easily customize the Basic pop-up menu with your favorite or most frequently used profiles for easier access.

Install profiles

Manually install profiles

The existing DCP profiles on your computer are automatically converted to XMP format, once you update to Camera Raw 10.3. If you want to add a DCP profile after the first launch, copy the profile manually to the following locations:

Win: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles
Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles

To manually add an XMP profile, copy the profile to the following location:

Win: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings
Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings

Import profiles and presets

You can import DCP and XMP profiles and presets as zip files using the Import Profiles and Presets dialog box. To access this dialog box, follow these steps:

  1. In the Basic panel of the Camera Raw dialog box, click the Profile drop-down list.

  2. Select Browse.

  3. In the Profile Browser panel, right-click (Windows)/Command-click (Mac) anywhere on the profile groups area and select Import Profiles and Presets from the context menu.

    Alternatively, you can right-click (Windows)/Command-click (Mac) in the Preset panel and select Import Profiles and Presets.

  4. In the Import Profiles and Presets dialog box, browse your computer to select your desired profile or preset and click Open to import it.

    The imported profiles can then be accessed in the Profile Browser panel.


The Import Profiles and Presets dialog box allows you to import zip files only. To import individual profiles and presets, you can manually install them at the right location. See Manually install profiles to know more.