Photoshop stuck on Hand tool


Photoshop is stuck on the Hand tool.


(macOS-only) If the Hand tool gets stuck when you're using the Liquify filter, Save for Web, or the Camera Raw plug-in, see this tech note for a solution. 

Operating systems

Windows 10, macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and later

Solution 1: Disable antivirus software

Disable any antivirus software such as Avast or Webroot installed on your computer. Refer to the software manufacturer's documentation for instructions. 

Solution 2: Restore browser preferences and disable browser extensions

Internet browsers such as Safari and Mozilla Firefox and the installed third-party browser extensions can interfere with Photoshop's operations. 

  • Reset or restore your browser preferences to their default settings.
  • Disable all the browser extensions.

Refer to the browser's documentation for instructions.

Solution 3: Disable or uninstall third-party apps, utilities, and drivers

Sometimes third-party extensions and utilities can interfere with Photoshop’s operation.

Customers have reported this issue when running Photoshop with third-party apps, utilities, and drivers. 

  • 1Password: Disable or uninstall this utility. 
  • Evoluent Mouse Manager: Disable or uninstall this utility. 
  • Spotify: Close or uninstall this application. Also kill the application process running in the background on your computer.
  • Mail application: Disable or uninstall this application. 

Solution 4: Adjust your touchpad/trackpad settings

If you're using a Windows laptop, adjust the following Touchpad settings:

  • Set the Touchpad setting to No Delay or Minimum Delay. See this helpful resource for instructions.
  • Turn off the Palm Rejection setting.

Solution 5: Update your Wacom tablet driver and restore Wacom preferences

Make sure that you have the latest Wacom driver and restore the preferences to their default settings.

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