Adobe Stock for enterprise

What is Adobe Stock for enterprise?

Adobe Stock for enterprise provides access to 60 million high-quality, curated, royalty-free images, videos, illustrations, vector graphics and our new Premium collection for all your Creative Cloud projects. Adobe Stock for enterprise includes unique features for indemnification, license management, rights-sharing, and support that make it the best choice for enterprise organizations.

What enterprise features does Adobe Stock for enterprise offer?

Adobe Stock for enterprise provides custom licensing rights designed for enterprise. Since enterprise customers have specific business requirements and concerns, Adobe Stock for enterprise can provide our customers with greater levels of indemnification or even custom indemnification rates. License images with no print run limits. Creative-rights sharing makes it easy to share images across projects and teams without needing to re-license. And worldwide archiving rights make it easy to back up your licensed images.

Which Creative Cloud solutions support Adobe Stock for enterprise?

Adobe Stock content can be used in a range of Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps where the stock image or video asset can be accessed.

The Creative Cloud Libraries feature is currently supported in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Illustrator Line, Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch, and Adobe CC Comp. Video content will be supported by applications such as Premiere Pro CC that support video formats in CC Libraries.

Where can I find Adobe Stock for enterprise licensing terms?

Adobe Stock for enterprise licensing terms are part of the customer ETLA. The enterprise terms are available at PSLT—Adobe Stock (2016v1.1).

Is Adobe Stock available for Creative Cloud for enterprise with managed services customers?

Yes; customers who use Creative Cloud for enterprise with managed services can benefit from Adobe Stock integrated workflows. Users can download stock images and videos to Creative Cloud libraries stored in managed services instances.

Adobe Stock for teams

How can I add Adobe Stock subscription plans to a Creative Cloud for teams membership?

If you are a Creative Cloud team administrator, you can add Adobe Stock subscriptions in two ways:

  • From the Adobe Stock web site: Go to https://creative.adobe.com/plans, click the Business tab, and then click Select Your Plans.
  • Via the Creative Cloud for teams Admin Console: Log into your team admin panel on creative.adobe.com, click Add Licenses, then select the desired Adobe Stock subscriptions from the pull-down menu. Once purchased, you can assign the subscriptions to any team member (including yourself) and the image licenses will be shared with the entire team.

I am a Creative Cloud for teams administrator and have purchased a subscription for Adobe Stock. Can all of my team delegates license images from this subscription?

With Adobe Stock pooled image licensing for teams, subscription plans that admins purchase automatically become available to team members. While you are still required to assign the Adobe Stock subscription to a team member (or yourself), all team members will have access. The team members can see the available number of images in the pool in the navigation bar when they log into the Adobe Stock website. Each licensed image can be used by up to 10 team members.

This feature is not available for Creative Cloud for individual customers.

Who owns the pooled licenses? And who can use them?

The licenses to use a Stock image belong to the business entity which purchased the license subscription. All team members can license an image but each licensed image may be shared with up to 10 team members. If the licensed image is being used for a client, images must be licensed per client project.

What happens if I don’t use all my monthly licenses in a given month?

With a small subscription plan, which includes 10 images a month, unused image licenses carry over to the next month as long as your subscription is active. The carryover limit is 120 image licenses. With large subscriptions, which include 750 images per month, unused image licenses do not roll over.

What if my team uses up all of our image licenses for the month?

If you anticipate 3 or more overages a month, you will save money by purchasing an additional 10-image Stock subscription for your team. Team members in the countries where Adobe Stock is sold directly on Adobe.com and stock.adobe.com can purchase additional image licenses as needed, but they must pay for the licenses themselves.

Does an Adobe Stock membership co-terminate with a customer’s Creative Cloud for teams membership?

Yes. In addition, up to 120 unused image licenses can be carried over for up to a year, however this aligns with the customer’s anniversary date. Please note that once the Adobe Stock subscription terminates, any unused licenses are lost.

Can I upgrade from Creative Cloud for teams All Apps (or Single App) to the Creative Cloud for teams All Apps + Adobe Stock bundle?

Existing Creative Cloud for teams customers can add on a separate small or large Adobe Stock subscription (or a combination of multiple Adobe Stock subscriptions) to their existing Creative Cloud membership. If you are interested in changing plans, you can do so at renewal.

Are there any restrictions on how many times an image is allowed to be used and/or printed?

Images with a standard license may be printed or displayed up to 500,000 times. Images and videos with Enhanced or Extended licenses have unlimted impressions. For details on different license types, see the License Terms.

Are the images licensed to the individual or the owner of the Creative Cloud for teams account?

If the image is licensed from an Adobe Stock subscription associated with a Creative Cloud for teams account, then the license belongs to the business entity that pays for the team account.

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