Drag-and-drop interactions

Make eLearning fun with drag and drop games, quizzes, and learning modules that users can access on desktops and iPads. Choose from a variety of drag-drop combinations based on what a drop target can accept, reject, or replace with while providing audio feedback for every user attempt. For more information see Drag-and-drop interactions.

HTML5 support for PowerPoint

Import your Microsoft PowerPoint project including text, shapes, audio and animations into Adobe Captivate and publish them directly to HTML5.

Adobe Captivate App Packager

Embed a range of HTML5 animations and synchronize them with your Adobe Captivate course. Publish the course as an app to multiple mobile platforms, including Windows RT—Metro using the PhoneGap Service.


You need to purchase PhoneGap service separately.

Enhanced interactions library

Easily create engaging courses with a large library of professionally designed interactions, including Hangman and Jigsaw, which can be customized to suit your needs. For more information on interactions, see Smart Learning Interactions.

Enhanced quizzing with HTML5

Outupt all your quizzes with Matching, Short Answer, and Fill in the blanks question types to HTML5.

Record system audio

With Adobe Captivate 6.1, record system audio along with narration in an Adobe Captivate course. Use the system audio edit options to modify and synchronize the system audio across your course. For more information, see System audio.

Publish HTML5 courses to Adobe Connect

Make your content more 'mobile' by publishing as HTML5 to Adobe Connect. Leverage the 'pause-resume anywhere' feature to provide seamless learning experience to your users on virtually any device or any browser.

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