How to correct colors in Adobe Captivate Classic slides

In general, color should appear correctly in Adobe Captivate Classic projects. However, there are cases in which colors may appear inaccurately, such as when the color scheme varies radically between slides. So if Slide A uses color palette ABC, and Slide B uses color palette XYZ, and the two palettes are radically different, Slide B might resort to using palette ABC.

Most of these problems can be fixed by changing the video quality of the slide. Adobe Captivate Classic provides four levels of video quality, even though only the Standard option is suggested for most uses.

To change video quality in a slide:

  1. In an open project, double-click the slide containing the colors you want to correct.

  2. From the Slide menu, select Video Quality and one of the video options:


    The default format for slides. Standard is the most efficient choice for the majority of screenshots because it uses 256 optimized colors. Standard slides also compress well, which results in smaller file sizes.


    This option gives you the highest JPEG quality possible.


    This option is best used when the slide contains a photograph. You can change the quality and compression ratio for JPEG images on the Project Preferences dialog box.

    High Quality


    Compared to the Standard format of 256 colors, this format uses 16 million colors for the slides. This option should be used only if the Standard and Optimized options do not offer the correct color depth. The file size increases dramatically using this option.



    Selecting the JPEG or High Quality format may increase the file size and the time it takes to download your project. You should use a format other than Standard only when necessary and appropriate.


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