Adobe Connect 9.5.2 Release Notes


Adobe Connect is a market-leading web conferencing solution that enables corporations and government agencies worldwide to improve collaboration, webinars, and eLearning through exceptionally rich interactions. For an overview of Adobe Connect, see

Adobe Connect 9.5.2 is a maintenance release and is available as a patch. It delivers fixes to a number of issues and includes a few improvements.

Release Date

Adobe Connect 9.5.2 will be rolled out in phases:

  • On-premise: Adobe Connect 9.5.2 installer for customer on-premise deployments (all supported locales): Feb 11th, 2016
  • Hosted: Adobe Connect 9.5.2 service hosted by Adobe: Starting Feb 7th, 2016
  • Managed Services: Adobe managed customer specific cloud deployment of Adobe Connect: Update scheduled based on customer requirement. Please reach out to your Adobe Connect managed services representative to schedule your update

System Requirements

For latest system requirements please visit the Adobe Connnect Tech Specs Page.

Adobe Connect server upgrade paths for on-premise deployments

The following are the prerequisites before you can upgrade to this release:

  • From Adobe Connect 8.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 9.5.x before applying this patch.
  • From Adobe Connect 9.x, update to Adobe Connect 9.5.x before applying this patch.

What's New in Adobe Connect 9.5.2

Launch Adobe Connect Session Without Flash

Users can now attend Adobe Connect sessions even if Flash is blocked or not available on their systems. They can do so by using the Adobe Connect Add-in. Users who try joining a session on a ‘Flashless’ environment will be prompted to install the add-in.

Users will be required to download and install this add-in and then re-enter the session. The download and install will be a one-time activity only for the user, this add-in will be launched whenever the user enters an Adobe Connect session.

Seminar Move Improvements

We have made it simpler to move seminar rooms across seminar licenses. Users can find this option to move under the seminar room list.

A user can select multiple seminar rooms to move, but there are few restrictions:

  • Users can't move folders
  • User can’t move a seminar room which has a running seminar session
  • User can’t move a seminar room that has a scheduled large seminar session that starts in less than 45 min ( large seminar session buffer)
  • User can’t move a seminar room that has a scheduled seminar session that starts in less than 45 min ( large seminar session buffer) into a large seminar license

If there is a conflict in the existing session of the room and the license it is being moved, the user will be prompted with a warning and the list of conflicting sessions. The user may choose to proceed in which case the conflicting sessions of the source seminar license will be deleted. 

Issues Resolved

Issue Tracking Number

Issue Description


Fixed issue where users were unable to share background window while using application share


Fixed issue where feature-update api was required to successfully create account even after using the account-update api


Fixed issue where Report-My-Meetings API call with name filter was not working


Fixed issue where error was shown upon removing user from Event manager group


Fixed issue where Search sort not working for some users


Fixed issue where multiple Thank You emails were triggering after the event was over


Fixed issue where CJK characters composition window could not display when input was made in any pod or text field


Fixed issue where recording with mp3 file was stuck on spinning wheel for few users


Fixed issue where multiple seminar session could be created for same time slot under one seminar license


Fixed issue where alignment issues were observed for Event images


Fixed issue where clicking on ‘schedule a session’ redirected users to Home page (IE only)


Fixed issue where audio issues were observed while making MP4 recording on the desktop


Fixed issue where MP4 conversion recording API was not working in silent mode on Mac OS


Fixed issue where NVCM Virtual Classroom was not honouring 200 seat quota


Fixed issue where QnA pod and Chat pod did not convert the urls into hyperlink if it started with a number


Fixed issue where marks for a connect course kept resetting to zero


Fixed issue where Add-in crashed on Mac OS X El Capitan


Fixed issue where Pencil drew above the selection pointer on MAC


Fixed issue where it was seen that Event details for event name including ' (apostrophe) went missing on Event catalog->Date view


Fixed issue where hiding multiple Share Pods in one meeting did not follow pod's sequence


Fixed issue where Mp4 recording audio was not available when played using QuickTime


Fixed issue where when a user tried to delete seminar room that was in subfolder of the license, the room would be shown multiple times in confirmation dialog


Fixed issue where user could delete a running seminar session without any impact and schedule new sessions at the same time


Increased the number of silent PGi adaptor-based recordings


Accessibility: Fixed issue where Event Logo had no alternative text


Accessibility: Fixed issue where speaker image had no alternative text


Accessibility: Fixed issue where small banner image had no alternative text


Accessibility: Fixed issue where Submit and Reset Buttons were not fully descriptive


Accessibility: Fixed issue where Pipe Image had no alternative text


Accessibility: Fixed issue where Banner Image had no alternative text


Accessibility: Fixed issue where Branding Image had no alternative text


Fixed issue where event group could not be associated back to an event, after it is deleted


Fixed issue where video is missing from the recording in some cases


Fixed issue where hot spot type question did not show it's "type" under reports> VC >course (or only course) reports


Fixed issue where social profile registration failed for few users


Fixed issue where multiple unexplained fail-over events and FMS crashes were observed for a few on-premise customers


Fixed issue where calendar was not showing years as expected


Fixed issue where Mp4 videos were not playing in default players of a few Android devices


Fixed issue where recording audio froze on playback for a few users


Fixed issue where Intercall Recording Telephony user was persistent in Meeting


Accessibility: JAWS: Fixed issue where no non-visual notification was given  raise hand in the Connect Add-in.


Fixed issue where reports were not showing under reports>virtual classroom>specific course>Score, for a captivate html5 content uploaded from a computer to connect content folder


Fixed issue where Notes pod allowed tab characters even after exhausting its character limit


Fixed issue where seeking in recording playback took a lot of time when a pod's data streams became huge


Fixed issue observed while uploading certain custom pods


Fixed issue where for a content which was published as both HTML 5 and swf from Captivate, the content was not able to play in the meeting room

Known Issues

Issue Tracking Number

Issue Description


Email address format validation is not working when trying to reset password


Some cyrillic charset symbols are shown garbled in FireFox and IE


Firefox freezes while downloading an add-in on clicking the “Download Now” button on the meeting landing page


Mac Full screen mode on alternate displays is broken in OSX 10.10


IE9: Download add-in instructions page shows some distortion of the images


Add-in doesn't launch in Edge after installation with disabled flash


Social registration workflow is broken


Event is not created if during event creation workflow, if a user returns to the first page, rename the event being created and clicks next

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