How to customize smart shapes in Adobe Captivate

Customize Smart Shapes

Customize shapes and reuse them across different slides and projects with ease. Use Hover state with fill for color/gradient/image. Now, you can use custom shapes and line to create your own objects in responsive project.

Creating your own Smart Shape

  1. From Toolbar, click Shapes > Polygon

    Polygon tool

  2. Draw your own shape in the slide

  3. Click the small drop-down list adjacent to Custom

  4. Choose Save shape as shown in the screenshot below. 

    Your own shape is saved and available for reuse in other slides. You can also customize the properties of your shape by choosing the properties from Properties Inspector. 

    Saving a custom smart shape
    Saving a custom smart shape

Now, move to next slide and click Shapes, you can see your customized shape available in the drop-down list to choose, as shown in the screenshot below: 

Viewing recently used smart shapes
Viewing recently used smart shapes

Hover State

  1. Click the smart shape you created and Click Use as Button check box in Properties.

  2. In State drop-down box, choose Rollover.

  3. Choose the color from Fill drop-down.
    You can observe the color of the smart shape being changed when you hover your mouse on the smart shape object.
You can also use down option in State drop-down box to set properties when you release the mouse button down. 
Adding a hover state to a smart shape
Adding a hover state to a smart shape


Success/Failure/Hint Captions can be replaced with Smart Shapes. Right-click the Caption and select Convert to Smart-shape.

Sharing a custom smart shape

Once you create a custom shape, you can not only use it across projects in the same computer, but also use it in a different computer where Captivate is installed.

To share a custom shape,

  1. Navigate to the folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\Adobe\eLearning Assets\Shapes in the source computer to see the custom shape. There are three files for the custom shape:

    1. PNG file of the new object
    2. Preview PNG file of the object
    3. XML of the object

  2. Copy the files into the same eLearning Assets folder in the destination computer.

  3. Open a project in the destination computer and choose Shapes > Polygon from the main toolbar.

  4. Draw any shape in the slide.

  5. Click the drop-down near Custom and you can see the imported shape to choose. Select the shape to use in your slides.

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